Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Something New

The waves crash, they move with force, they explode across the shore, threatening, terrifying, majestic yet very, very, serene. I look down at the rocks surrounding the small pools of freshly formed sea water, searching, viewing, noticing the very life thrown from such amazing wonders of Mother Earth. I’m here, they’re there, you’re somewhere and of course, my mind, this very wondering and wandering mind is, as usual, up in the air. I place a knee onto the soft sand, between a few rocks and focus onto a small animal, struggling, threatened by the mere thought of being upside-down. With a small smile and the help of a gentle flip the creature runs free.

I sometimes struggle, I sometimes falter, I often realise and perhaps alter. I’m not perfect. The world, the wonders, the very air we breathe… now, above all, that’s special. I close my eyes, I pause, I inhale the fresh sea air and then, as my soft eyes open to envelope the forward view, I exhale with gentle force feeling the used energy escape my lungs. Energy, the very force of life and the building blocks of what we are. From the side the sun starts to rise with fluid motion. The warm glow grazes my face and I smile, not a big smile, but a knowing smile.

Today is a new day, today will be a bright day, today above all days, a days of many days, will be just what it is no matter what you, I, them, they or whom does what. I’m free, I’ve escaped, there are no shackles around my wrists and, most certainly, no method or rhyme to make this smile escape from my lips.  You see, I know, I realise something… . I’m no longer alone, I’m no longer a solitary motivation, I’m neither a momentary thought and neither even a second glance. I’m saved. I’m sanctioned. I’m whom I strived to be for those many, many years.

The waves crash, they move with force, they explode across the shore, soothing, pacifying, glorious yet very, very, masterful. I look down at the sunlit rocks surrounding the small pool of warming sea water, finding, seeing, realising the very life shown by Mother Earth. I’m here, they’re somewhere else, you’re here in my heart and you know, today… today is an amazing day as, from this morning I realised something… You’re in my life and that one simple little fact… Will make MY day that much better.

Thank you for being who you are