Monday, 4 July 2022

Immortal (F2R)

Christopher blinked, the small ice particles floating away as his muscles regained a momentary respite, from the frozen skin regenerating over and over again. It was all but a near constant experience. Regeneration, healing, freezing, over and over again.

His mind, for the millionth time, regressed to how it had all started. He was forty-seven, at the time, upon a random day to which he could not pinpoint. He’d been working on himself, the transitory turbulence once again threatening to disrupt his calm, but he knew that he’d recover. He’d found a new way, a resolution to resolve his persecution and never ceasing mind. He’d find a path. A new path. A path that required an evolved type of person, calm, reflective, understanding and with increased masculine energy.

He'd enjoyed his years of solitude, the wondering and wandering of a clear mind, but that also brought forward different problems. Life was difficult, life had challenges and, even if his life was perfectly calm, others within that life were not. He was slow, pondering, plodding to make a decision and, for once, he couldn’t realistically blame that upon being a star sign such as a Libra.

He’d found his path and the only way forward would be to clear that same said path. No restrictions, no trauma, no doubts, all issues resolved, finding himself and curing his inner-child of the hesitancy to love without question.  This, above all, was his priority.  Clear the path so someone could walk alongside him. Clear the path for the universe to afford him his wants within the world.

Upon a day, a very distant day, he’d found the energy within. He’d found ‘his’ energy and connected to the source. His mind flicked through a hundred images, all at once, struggling to retain his balance. He could feel his energy field fluctuate, the power within his core resetting once again.

He’d found the universe. He’d found salvation within a world of deities and scriptures and Gods. Somehow, something within, connected. He felt his very body, his vessel, vibrate to a new source of wonder. He’d never felt anything like it before, the energy, the calm and, to which he’d later regret, the life.

He’d shed a tear, if it wouldn’t immediately dry to ice and float away from him. Instead, he continued to reminisce. Twenty years passed, since he’d found the course, the very core of what he could become. He’d wished that he’d transcended and ascended to the realm of pure energy but, instead, he remained rooted to the earth that he called home.

Twenty further years moved through his life until, one day, he realised that he’d not aged a day since the universe touched his soul. Then another twenty. He watched as friends left the mortal realm. He witnessed lovers, the many twin flames, moving towards his embrace only to, eventually, leave his world. He’d grown accustomed to loving with no reserve, embracing with zero hesitation, despite the inevitable ache upon the day they left his side. He’d read a thousand books, trying to explain the aching within, but nothing prepared a soul for such moments.

A hundred years moved through his sight, as he travelled to each corner of the world, that would not let him leave. He was, for a better word, an immortal. The universal energy flowing through him as if he were but a critical cog within the system of love. He found a new appreciation for people, places and the words we’d all use. He taught himself every language, could play all of the instruments he could find, knew two words to calm a heart and three words to clear a soul.

Three hundred years moved along the path of life, his clarity reaching the levels of transcendence and yet, he remained upon the mortal realm. He witnessed the struggles of humanity, the many repeated mistakes of greed and, eventually, the ending of a world.

A day arrived where the human race faced utter destruction. They could have prepared but, instead, they trifled within their own petty fears and doubts. When the day arrived, he stepped forward to offer the words that every soul needed to hear. I was too late. The earth cracked. The earth split. The very planet below his feet, broke in two and died within an instant.

He heard billions of souls scream in pain as they all expired within seconds. He stood upon the dying earth, felt the planet’s impactful soul release its energy to the universe and then, he floated. Gently, slowly, his feet left the earth, his rooted calm finally broken, as he floated into the cold void of space. The immortal, destined to float amongst the very stars, until a new moment changed his entire course of life.

He would have a screamed a million times, if there were an atmosphere to make such a gesture, but there was no such thing within the void. Tired, nearing the realms of utter madness, afforded to him by such a solitary existence, his visions and memories finally offered little respite. He’d had enough and, with one valiant, understanding notion, he called upon every single element of energy within his vessel and, finally, ascended from his mortal realm.

At first, he felt the utter bliss of becoming and, then, the ecstasy of finally leaving his body behind. A new being, a new source of prana, the pure energy of consciousness finally free. The love within him, finally, after an eternity, becoming immortal.

Fable (F2R)

Alder, finally satisfied that the children around him had settled, started the story, “Once upon a time, there existed,” he paused, taking David’s finger from his nose, “there existed children who didn’t pick their nose!”

He cleared his throat and started again.

“Once upon a time, there existed moments of magic, self-miracles and inner peace!”

The children gazed at Alder, adoring his stories of the olden days. Alder, knowing very well that they did, also enjoyed the minutes and seconds just as much. He, of course, had specific and special access to the libraries of old, the place that was found by his four friends all the years previous to this very day. Within a crumpled building, behind a heavy door, existed books of wealth, wonder and knowledge.

Upon the finding day, the five of them, his friends, had declared that they would never, as long as they lived, share the location of the place of wonderment. Now, all of the years later, he’d decided to finally speak about his readings. He knew so much, about the way things used to be, before technology re-wrote the entire world. The days of magic, all but vanished, save for the five of them. Five, that is, until three passed into the heaven of ones and zeros.

The children, eager to hear and learn, continued to listen.

“There were men made of peace and tranquillity, women of wonder and steadfastness, people that expressed their gratitude to one another and, upon a given day, meditated!”

“What’s meditated?” asked one of the children the moment Alder had barely but finished speaking.

Alder smiled, knowing that this subjected would stay with them for many, many years.

“To mediate, allows a person to find their inner silence. It permits a person to explore the unknown of their inner and, at times, outer energy. It is to find peace and, more importantly, silence the mind to which we are a slave!”

The children giggled, not quite understanding the subject, to which Alder could, however, still see that their interest was high.

“Okay, how about we try something, yes?”

The children nodded.

“Close your eyes. No peeking! Breath in through your nose, left or right nostril will do, hold for a second, then breath out through your mouth.”

The children did as requested, excited to try new things. As they expelled, Alder continued.

“Have a think about how that felt. Breath in again but, this time, concentrate on your actions. Your breathing. How do your lips feel, do you feel calm after breathing out?”

The children nodded as they opened their eyes. Alder had known, since visiting the magical book building, that so much had changed over the centuries. Books were banned, replaced with state sanctioned literature. Freedom was removed, replaced with identification bracelets and more, all for the benefit of society, despite each individual no longer being free. He knew that upon a given day, fear, prejudice, division and intolerance were bred within each of them, despite society supposedly becoming more liberated and tolerant. It was a ruse for all of them to look right, while the real secret took place to the left.

Alder, knowing that time was short, especially upon this day of days, kept his remaining words quick and precise.

“Okay children, that’s it for today,” he paused, as the kids tutted and grew expressively disappointed, “but remember what I told you! Don’t repeat what I’ve said here! Magic and self-accountability are no longer allowed and, what do we want to be when we grow up?”

All the children repeated the previously given affirmation in slightly differing tones, “We will become responsible adults when we grow up!”

“Good, good!” replied Alder as his smile grew.

He knew, he just knew that the eight of them would become the magical tribe once he passed into the heaven that he’d read about. The heaven from the fables, not the new religiously crafted heaven of tyranny and subterfuge.

After all, behind every fable, there was a sprinkling of truth, honesty and magic.


May I first start with an apology. The apology. The meaning of why and where we are at this very second in time. I’m sorry, greatly, deeply, wishfully sorry. I know. I’ve realised. I understand that an apology is not enough. The words required action, thought, change, tenderness and study.  The ramifications are, as always, realistic and brutal.

I reminisce, I recall, I wonder, I wish and more. If I could hold you against my frame, my body, I’d wish to embrace your warmth and covet the moment forever. It’s no longer here, viable, real or realised. I broke the promise of love, I wasn’t ready, and because of this, I now see the colour of my very heart. Strangled, dilapidated, struggling to move as it rests its shattered casing against the cold floor of loneliness. I know. I hear you. You understand, as you’ve been broken before. We are, one with this understanding.

I chastise, myself. I admonish, my responsibility with the moments I’ve allowed to escape through my very hands. You see, I wasn’t ready. I lacked, understanding. I needed, reflection. There are frequencies within the world, the very nature of peace, love and respect. We have to learn, we have to adapt and grow as people. I was, I’m afraid, static. I had, resolvable issues. Each recrimination seemed just that, the previous words of another tainted your intentions within my world. I evaded. I escaped. I didn’t, simply, easily, listen and implement.

I forget, nothing, everything, all of us and the days and nights previously fading away to memories. I should have held that hand of yours, I could have showed you the true colour of my very emotions but, instead, I remained seemingly closed. It takes a brave person to admit that they need work. It matters not, if a person has or had struggled through the years to achieve a balance. It never stops. Ever. The endeavour to grow, apparent. The willingness to learn, forever. The kisses from cherry lips, no more.

I end, my nature. I’m adapting, I’m growing, I’m learning a new way to traverse a delicate path. I’m open, despite the closure of my heart’s safety measures. I’m exposed, I’m vulnerable, I’m willing and wondering. Do you recall the kisses, the holding of hands, the expressions we created upon many a day?  I seldom wish to grasp the moments, as they make me bleed. The fissures are, obviously, apparent to everyone around me.

I begin, as with many beginnings. I have faith, as I drag myself from the floor. Heart flailing, begging, asking for the assistance of imaginary memories and dreams.  There is no saviour. The path, a struggle. The learning, necessary. To become the most beautiful butterfly, to fly once again, we must embrace the change from within and, of course, the motion of our soul’s awakening. I’m aware. The exposure providing realisation of change. Watch me move throughout the silent realms, hear me call your name as I repair my heart, soul and mind. I love. You. I am without. You. The universe knows, I’ve asked, I’ve pleaded, without the karma of kings returning to destroy my actions.

I see, as much as I can. The conversations, the knowledge, all increasing at speed. I’m embracing the world, myself, nothing of you, the other and more. There are lessons that threaten to crack a soul in two. So be it. Teach me pain, crack my body into three parts and my self-esteem shall rise again. No force upon this world can break me, destroy me, leave me alone on the floor for long. I am, everything, nothing, the frequency resounding from my energy. Freely given, always.

…and then, I imagine your lips, upon mine. I feel you, I taste every second of you upon me. You press and I feel. You feel and I press more and more. Picture perfect, the harmony of two becoming a singular moment in time. The angels themselves would blush, if they knew the person that sat beside them, upon this day. I am, more. I have and will, grow. There is no other conclusion, no other ending than to ‘become’, what we were always meant to be. I shall suffer, I shall feel my own tears fall from my own pain filled eyes, but that’s a method of survival. I shall bleed, feel, crack and fall. It has been written and, it shall be written again and again until the end of the Universe. It is, done. The story, over. The book, closed.

Then, once again, I think about your cherry lips. I feel the love, the connection, the apology rise within my very consciousness. There are no apologies suitable for ears that are closed to words. I digress. Cheery lips, the vibrancy, the essence and notion that matches the colour of my very heart that, upon this day, would do anything for a singular, cherry filled, kiss.

(16.05.2022. Inspiration/idea: Alexandra Stan (Artist) – Cherry lips)

Friday, 24 June 2022

Facial (F2R)

Joe, feeling very apprehensive, nervous and jittery, sat on the chair. This was his fourth interview this week and, if he were being honest, he was actually doing better than his friends to even be considered for an interview with

He was excited, despite all the emotions flowing around his body and mind but, as his mother always used to say, ‘You’ll either succeed, or try and try again’. Her wise words echoed through his mind as Peter, his interviewer, arrived with a smile.

“Good morning,” said Peter, whilst pausing to look at the computer screen, finding the interviewee’s name, “Joe. How are you today?”

Joe cleared his throat slightly, returning Peter’s smile, “I’m okay today, thank you for asking!”

Peter nodded, glancing at Joe, before returning his gaze to the screen in front of both of them. A few seconds ticked away, as the silence permeated the room.

“Okay, Joe, this won’t take long. All I’d like you to do is stand over in the right corner and look at the blank dark square embedded into the wall.”

“Okay, thank you!” replied Joe, as he chastised himself, asking his mind to stop saying, ‘thank you’. He stood, nervously, placing his folder onto the now vacant chair. He walked across to the far wall, praying that he didn’t slip upon an imaginary banana, a sudden pool of liquid, or that his legs magically decided to fly him out of the room by his feet. He wanted to laugh at the thoughts, but his emotions were smashing into his chest.

He looked at the wall, standing directly in front of the dark square. From within the panel, he could see a selection of lights. All at once, his face appeared upon the screen as a wide selection of dots. A near replica, formed of his facial features. A few further seconds escaped, as an intense white light appeared, shining into his eyes. He blinked, a few times, but then as his eyes grew accustomed to the light, he settled and calmed himself.

Eventually, the word, ‘complete’, appeared upon the screen and Joe glanced towards Peter.

“You can sit back down now, Joe.”

Joe walked back to his seat, removing the folder to sit down once again. The two of them remained silent, as Peter pressed a few buttons on the keyboard. A furrowed look appeared upon Peter’s forehead, as Joe watched Peter’s eyes dotting around the screen, obviously reading something from the test he’d just undertaken.

Peter finished reading, turned his head to Joe and smiled. “Joe, I’ve had the results of the scan and,” Joe braced himself for the result, “I’m afraid that we cannot offer you the position at this present time.”

Joe felt his heart sink into his chest but, as quickly as the feelings emerged, he heard his mother’s voice and he immediately accepted the decision.

“Could I possibly ask for some constructive feedback, as I have the correct qualifications, so any wise words might help with my next interview?” he asked with sincerity.

“Basically, Joe, your face wouldn’t fit within the company. That’s it. Thank you for your time!”

Joe, marginally shocked, stood as Peter left his chair, “If you’d like to make your way out of the building, we’ll send you a letter and you never know, if your face changes, please feel free to try again.”

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Grounded (F2R)

Huang opened the door, just a little, worried about who was standing on the other side. The person nodded, as he raised the four-litre box. Huang’s eyebrows raised, the jubilation and surprise simply written across his entire face. He’d waited five months for this very moment and, right now, he wasted no time as he flung open the door. He nodded twice, taking the box from the delivery person who, immediately, walked away from the him.

The door closed behind him, as Huang ran into his front room. The surprise, still obvious to anyone within close distance, despite Huang being home alone. He giggled like a child, as he darted from the room, to root through his kitchen cupboards for a suitable container.

All at once, he found a baking tray with raised edges. Realising that he’d found the near ideal item, he placed it onto the floor and stepped onto the tray. His feet fit and that, to Huang, was absolutely perfect.

He scooped up the tray, from the floor, running back into his front room. Slowing, he realised that he needed to place himself into the present moment. He needed to relax, to become a reflection of his inner self. He placed the tray onto the floor, just in front of the large window. As he stepped over the tray, approaching the window, he looked out and down upon the earth before him. The ground, scorched many, many years previously, the planet more of less deceased in all but the word.

He glanced across at the rows of other houses, all perfectly positioned in a line, with the raised foot ways and paths suspended as far above from the surface as possible. He, along with the other millions of people, lived within the space of air. The surface, the ground, all but gone and unliveable.

He’d feel sad, but this is what he’d known all his life. Suspended, floating, trying to reach the remaining sunshine to keep all of them alive.

His breathing slowed, as he found his calm, his sanity and resolve. Turning, he walked over to the box. Carefully, he removed the tape and, with equal care, tipped some of the contents into the baking tray. Levelling off the surface, his hand suddenly stopped, feeling the texture of the particles underneath his hand. They used to call the substance earth, soil, the brown, life giving mud once added to water.

He'd never felt something so wonderful, so delicate, despite the substance being so easy to move with his hand. He snapped out of his wonder, standing, moving his frame behind the tray as he faced the window.

He slowed his breathing, as described upon the old scriptures of soul efficiency. Apparently, he had to reach such a relaxed state that even the world ending would hardly even make a sound to his ears, unless, of course, he was listening for the moment to take place.

Breathing in, holding, then exhaling, he stepped forward. His bare feet touched the earth. Pressing down ever so slightly, moving his feet ever so gradually, side to side, he rooted himself to the earth and started the process.

Instinctively, his focus turned to his feet but, as he knew, he realistically had no idea what he was doing. He’d realised, from the very second he’d read the words, that something wasn’t quite right and, even all the way up in the sky, all he wanted for his life was to somehow become rooted. Today, of all days, he would accomplish that wish, despite the cost, the trouble and, above all, the fact that earth was outlawed.  Today, was the day he’d finally started his journey to becoming grounded.

Faults (F2R)

Sandra, leaning against the counter, continued to chew a small little bit of vegetable that had somehow managed to appear from somewhere between her teeth. A small little varmint, illusive, despite her chomping teeth trying to end the event.

“Hello!” said a voice from her side. She jumped a little, startled, realising that she’d been paying far too much attention to the contents of her mouth.

“Hello Sir, how are you today?” she replied, with a very large smile.

“I’m not okay, but I will be eventually!”

Sandra’s smile vanished as her face changed to visible concern, “Oh no, let’s see if we can resolve your situation as soon as possible. Please, take a seat.”

She gesticulated towards a chair over in the corner of the store. As they both walked across the room, Sandra continued her usual dialog, “What’s your name?” she asked, as he sat.


“Okay Joe, tell me absolutely everything.”

It was this part of her job that she found interesting, un-nerving, sometimes disturbing and, often, a shame. Mostly, she heard the same stories over and over again, the same said issues of life. Hopefully, Joe would be different.

Joe, furrowing his nose a little, looked down at his hands that were sat upon his lap. Tears started to form within his eyes, as he started his individual story.

“I want to be a better person. I have issues. Some silly, nothing to write home about or really complain to anyone, but I just want to change!”

Sandra, knowing that this wouldn’t be any more exciting than a ham sandwich upon a sun filled day, asked the usual question.

“What would you like to change?”

“I want to be fashionable. I want to change my diet. I just want the confidence to be popular!”

The moment Joe finished speaking, she remained tight lipped. She wanted to tell him, to tell all of them, to do the work. The difficult work. The inner work that no-one seemed to do anymore. No quick fixes, the embracement of struggle, maximum development as a person, the tears and crying of a heart and soul breaking were, of course, worth the struggle and sacrifice. He’d become stronger, he’d survive life’s strife and tribulations and, most of all, be able to stand on his own two feet. Improving and finding an inner balance was, above all, critical for each and every single person.

Instead of speaking, she smiled. She pushed aside the thoughts of Joe becoming more than he’d ever be. Rooted. Connected. His frequency amplified and, more than likely, finding the root of his ‘real’ issues. Heck, finding his prana would be a start. 

“Okay, Joe, I have the perfect option for you. It’s our extra special ‘confidence pack’, level two, as we want to make sure that you get the full benefit!”

Joe, looking up at Sandra, smiled a heavy, sodden filled smile. She knew that he just wanted whatever was going on within his thoughts to end, as soon as possible. Maybe it was for the best, the best for Joe and, who was she to think otherwise.

“How much would that cost?” he asked, his smile showing hope of sanctuary and a respite from his thinking mind.

Sandra, pausing to build tension and worth, replied, “That would be eight hundred and forty-nine pounds.”

Joe nodded, holding up his wrist bank device. Sandra pressed her wrist bank to his, with the triple beeps clarifying the completed sale

“Okay, Joe, please press your crown, the back of your head, to the seat!”

As Joe relaxed his head, applying his crown, two green lights appeared. Sandra knew that this meant a connection to the Sahasrara was completed. From there, she now had access to the other six important systems of Joe’s body. She found it odd that, after the many thousands of years, the basic teachings of spirituality had it all correct from the start. It all drummed down to simply improving the bodies energy flow. Be it spiritual, logical, physical or other, it was all there for everyone to see.

She finally gave in to her inner thoughts. “Joe, are you sure?” she asked with a tentative voice, “once you do this, there’s no going back and you’ll miss your chance to improve naturally?”

Joe shook his head which, frankly, did not shock Sandra at all. The quick fix. The lack of a fight. The frailty and fear of having to make and accept lifelong changes. The thought of months of progression, change and fulfilment meant nothing to a generation raised upon mobile devices, quick fixes and dopamine enhancement.

She pressed the third button and, within an instant, Joe winced ever so slightly. Eventually, the third button turned to green. The sequence, complete, the moment, done.

“How do you feel?” she asked, knowing the answer.

Joe, blinking around ten times, shook his head a little, as he looked at what he was wearing. He raised his arms, the disgust written across his face, “What on earth am I wearing? It’s awful! Isn’t this awful?”

Sandra smiled, shrugging her shoulders, understanding that she had now enabled Joe to be the exact same person as the hundreds upon thousands of previous participants. Joe jumped up from the chair, saluted Sandra, then walked out of the store.

She shook her head slightly. She’d give anything  for a man that would own his issues, resolve them and, basically, own their own faults.

Saturday, 18 June 2022

Healing (F2R)

“Welcome, one and all. Welcome to the start of your journey!”

Master Ken-zee, placing one foot directly in front of the other, ever so slowly walked across the small stage. Little by little, every single thought, expression, permitted and embraced with little to no thought, his very breath, his breathing, guiding him forward to his unknown destination. Although he only had a small stage to walk across, the implication of knowing the journey, yet discovering and taking the journey, where two entirely different notions.

To his side, sat twenty new people. Adventurers, life escapees, the forgotten or, especially important, the few that realised the futility of the normal life they lived. Each of them, special, all of them, gifted, yet missing something within themselves that could not be found from external, habitual habits.

Master K, obviously feeling their energy as he moved, kept his energy to himself, his aura close, encapsulating his thoughts as close to his heart, soul and mind as he could. He wouldn’t wish to scare anyone away, especially as they’d travelled far and wide to be here. Some things, once supposedly enlightened, could wait.

He reached the end of the stage, taking a total of twelve tightly formed footsteps, which barely used any energy at all. The journey, complete, with each second enjoyed. He turned to face them, widening his gaze, taking in the many faces, forms and expressions. There were unbelievers, there were vagabonds, truth tellers, fiction finders and lost hearts amongst the group. He smiled, nodded, then embraced their hearts with words.

“What do you believe?” he asked, with a curious tone to his voice.

A man, sat at the front, wearing a business suit and sunglasses, despite the shade, shrugged his shoulders. A small voice, from behind, decided to reply, “I believe that anything I know could be false as anything we understand could be wrong!”

“Good, good! The ego within wants us to believe everything we know. We couldn’t possibly be wrong!” exclaimed Master K, appreciating an understanding voice. Each of them, more than likely, felt the same, but decades of learned behaviour, subliminal messaging and blind unfaltering dedication to governments, companies and beliefs, often shrouded the truth in darkness.

“What I believe, which could also be false,” continued Master K, “Is that what we believe ‘is’ the truth. It is the truth of another person, who heard the truth from another person, who was taught that truth from another person. A family member, a teacher, a lover or even a supposed wise man wearing a bed sheet!”

The people sat in front of Master K laughed, especially seeing as he was wearing an outfit which suspiciously looked like a bedsheet. Master K, stepping down from the small stage, picked up a plastic bag from a chair just to the side. He unfolded the bag, jolted it into the air in order to open the inside, then approached the first person to the right of him.

“I would like you to be free, while you’re here. No electronic devices. No memorabilia of your current life. No jewels, no trinkets, no keepsakes, absolutely nothing that reminds each of you of whom or what you were before you arrived here!”

The participants looked at each other, slightly confused, but understanding seeing as this was the type of function that they’d envisioned when signing the documents. One by one, they placed their precious items into the bag until they’d all finished.

“Now,” continued Master K, “let us remember that while you are here, your body will heal. There’s no wireless. No television, no radio, no 4000g, no internet, not even a coffee machine for when you wake in the morning. We have oats. We have milk. We have fresh produce and we are all fully natural!”

“Can I go home?” asked the businessman, with a slight laugh and smirk across his face.

“Yes, you can, if you feel like navigating ten miles of jungle, on your own. But other than that, you’re free to stay.” At the reply, the man shut his mouth, folding his arms to remain quiet.

“You see, you were all chosen, after being tested, for something quite rare.”

The guests looked at each other, ever so slightly confused.

“You would all be dead within a year, if it were not for this place.”

The grumbling and vocal murmurs escaped from each of them, the shock and disbelief obvious upon their faces.

“Yes, you might be in a quandary right now, but your lives are busy, full, dull, boring, filled with quick fixes, easy solutions and late nights. Each of your bodies had reached the pinnacle of healing and then, the only way would be down from there.”

They continued to look confused, stunned, but silent, hanging on to Master K’s words.

“You are all magnetic, you all hold so much energy within you, but instead of fixing yourselves, you have chosen to live your lives without abundance, the abundance of the soul, of peace, the quiet of a heart not conflicted and suffering. The never-ending days. The lonely nights. The obedience to turn yourselves into slaves of repetitive suffering. Your bodies have a breaking point. Let me ask you a question…”

Each of the guests nodded, staying silent, each knowing that the words spoken before them to be true.

“How did you feel once you arrived here? Did you appreciate the clean air, the pure water, the fact that the very molecules of your body felt a certain peace, that you’ve not felt since being a young child?”

Each of them, ever so slightly perplexed, nodded slowly. Almost transfixed, more or less fully engaged, with the truth in front of them.

“Why?” asked a small man sat in the middle of the group.

“Why…” replied Master K, “is a good question. We all need peace. Be it a silent room. A quiet thought. The hand of another. The kiss of a loved one. The embrace of a friend. The solitude of reflection of the frequency of nothing at all. If we fill our lives expecting everything to be perfectly fine, then when do we stop? If we ask, ‘is this all there is to life’, yet take no action to realise that life is what we make of it, then yes, this will be all there is to life!”

Master K knew that this was the very tip of the iceberg. The small flare from the sun. The momentary strand of cotton that led to the most beautifully crafted garment one could find. The warmth, the embedded emotional stability, the freedom of a very soul.

“Each of you, during the next four weeks, will abandon the ideals that you have vehemently, knowingly, held onto for most of your lives After those weeks, you can stay for a further four weeks or, even longer. The choice is yours.”

Master K, turned, then walked back to the stage. He stepped up and faced them.

“How do you feel?” he asked.

Various replies returned to his ears, with most of them blindly accepting what he’d just informed them. There would be, as always, sceptics amongst them, but nothing over the four weeks would be rocket science. Instead, he would prefer to demonstrate.

Master K concentrated, knowing that the energy within the room was limited. Without radio waves, wireless, mobile devices, Bluetooth or anything electrical, the only energy to be felt would be soul energy, the aura or, even, the electrical impulses from his mind or the very earth underneath his feet.

All at once, he expanded his energy to cover all of the participants. “How do you feel now?”

Each of them opened their mouths, the expressions a near work of art, as each of them felt the warmth of the person speaking to them. He felt no fear, no nerves, only love and attention.

“There is an infinite vastness within each of us. Have you ever noticed that when a person enters the room, angry, or upset, the negative energy travels far and wide and yet, when you try to explain this to people, they gesticulate and dismiss the very notion that we are filled with energy and can influence each other?”

Most of them nodded in agreement.

“Well then, let us begin. Let us begin to embrace the one hundred and fourteen chakras. Let us find our soul, while allowing our bodies the wealth of the spirit. Let us begin with this thing called healing!”

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