Monday, 9 May 2016


There’s no use, no hope, no reason or rhyme for this to continue. You’ve failed, you’ve fallen, sprawled across the floor like some kind of pauper that’s flailing on the ground due to your own despair and misery. What words would you like me to spout on this day of days, for the moment to hopefully be gone as you blink blindingly towards my own eyes.

Caught, trapped, within the web of your own deceit, there is no solitude for how you’re feeling. Invite the entire history of the world into your view. Embrace the same mistakes that have been made over and over again, with destiny, sneering, pitifully laughing at your ineptitude of certainty. Many told you so, many said that it would be, stated, scribed, screamed it from the roof tops and descended to you the very tall tales but, of course, you wouldn’t listen.

With one hand, you reach and, then, with the other, you push yourself forward trying to escape the very pit to which you’ve descended. Dark, dank, withering to nothing, the excuses and lies catch you faster than the truth may hide the very details you fought to obscure. A scolded tongue spits fevered truths, poison, depraving murmurs, whispers made to the very night that dreams were made of.

Turning, closing my eyes to the decrepit, I hear your nails, scratching, clawing, desperately trying to worm your way forward. I do not turn back. There are no more moments, seconds, even thoughts of what was, would have been, could have been or is. Accept your fate, wear the weighted bonds, despise the very view that can only be seen within a mirror. You are you, you will always be you, despite the affirmations of becoming more, the seldom changing landscape of your soul, filled with self-made promises, which will never change with the whim of words.

Further, away from you, I walk. The withered whining starts, caressing my cheek, taunting my ears, kissing seductively, craving, needing my return. I know that this is where I’m seduced by fluttering eyelids, brazen smiles, knowing charm and more. The darkness calls. It knows exactly which strings to stroke, which embers to sooth, the words required to flail a heart.

I smile, just a little, enough to know, that each step is a new life. The darkness feeds, it waits for you, needs you, but a brave heart can walk forward, away, being brave, knowing and trusting that there is truly a better path. I know that I can stand on my own. Each step. Further away.