Monday, 3 August 2020


I know that I can fly, as I’ve seen my very own wings expand to feel the wind within my soul, despite the ways of the world. I feel that what once was, will never, ever, be again. I’m grounded, far more stable than I’ve ever been, despite the wondering motions and notions of my very thoughts. I’m often a blank slate, ready to be written upon, wiling to participate and prevaricate if it brings a smile to your face.

I’m wondering and wandering through the thoughts of life, seeing the lefts, feeling the rights and moving forward no matter what’s said. I have little choice. Move, step forward, or be left behind. Life is an ever expanding, changing, energy filled maze and I’m understanding more and more with each given week. I’m glad, ecstatic, over the moon and feeling the universe, as I’m still allowed a new day whenever I open my morning eyes.

The mighty hedges that I once looked over and upon, are rising and rising as the days and nights become colder, as well as longer. There’s an age for all things, a moment for all words, with my own maze reminding me that the end might appear sooner than I’d actually like. We’re frail, we’re mortal, with red true blood that can pour from our veins despite our grasping hands fighting more than they really should. There’s karma awaiting each of us, depending on whichever route we explore and, more often than that ‘not’ we’re told about, some escape this world with their sins never admonished.

Some with to escape this type of world. The ups, the downs, turning into lefts and even more rights. I hear your smile despite no words leaving your lips. We’re old enough, wise enough, wicked and silly enough to read each other’s minds. We can run, we can hide, but the maze continues, nonetheless.

There’s only one way out of this place for any of us. We could own the very world, the fastest cars, the most flash items created by magnificent hands, but we’ll still leave all of it behind. I’m not searching for the exit, despite the creeping hands of fate reaching for my very mind, body and soul.

I no longer care about the trivial moments of my past and, as we’re often reminded, the future is tomorrow and seldom even registers. I’m happy to still explore, with each breath being paid attention to. I’m eager, willing, ready and able to run through the many twists to find the turns. To the left is a heart, to the right is sadness and most of all, they will all eventually fade.

I’m happy. I’m secure. I’m not afraid and that’s the most anyone could ask for. There are times when I even place my hand onto the wall in front of me, to simply find the emotion within. To feel. I then smile, knowing, understanding, that each day is a gift and worth every second. I don’t care if I cry, or feel hurt, as long as I can continue forward. It’s all that matters. Time is precious. Time is vast. Time is all we have. Laugh, giggle, even use the word titter if it raises a smile.

Although I spend most of my time alone, I understand that the life we embrace is the one that’s intended for us. We can change the direction, we could re-direct our energies towards a new path, but that’s mostly up to us and the people or person that stands beside.

I’m going to explore tonight, within my dreams, ready to face the twists and turns of life. Smile, if and whenever you can, because as I’ve mentioned, there’s only one singular way that any of us are destined to escape each of our mazes.