Sunday, 5 August 2012

I care...

You hang your head, your eyelids flutter ever so slightly and then, you place your head into your hand. Distraught, let down, mistakenly oblivious to the situation, but, as always within a mind that simply cannot accept the truth, the realisation comes tumbling down like the thundering form of rain.  You look back into the sky that may offer ease but there’s none to be found as I try to remind you how soft I can be, how precious and how I should never be taken for granted.

You see, as always, I'm there for you, I'm around you to offer support and of course, to offer warmth whenever you feel the cold light of night erode your guile. I know that you're not perfect as I've had to live with your ways from the very start and that has not and never, ever, will change the way I feel for you. I would just wish that you would take better care of yourself, to guide your life into the light instead of the cold lies and twisted views that we sometimes bath ourselves. You hear me, I know that you do and even on many levels, agree.

You would think that after all this time supporting you, healing you, holding you, that you would offer a sparse realisation and gratitude but no, that is wrong, that would not be the way. I give freely; I give because it’s a selfless act, something that should afford no return, no praise and no recompense. No, never, hardly. At the end of the day, at the closing of sun, I'm there, trying to heal, to offer a safe way of life. Follow me, listen to me, breath me to the very core of your body…

I'm your heart and I beat for you every single day. I'm there for you when you’re down and although you break me, although you put me through so much pain, I will always care for you, always sacrifice for you and above all, always love you.

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  1. Cor blimey something tells me that I'm stuck on the fact that 'some' people care more about the external than the internal. New topic please :)


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