Monday, 2 February 2015

Once Upon a Time...

Once upon a time, a long time ago, there lived a heart that pounded with such force that whomever it met, wherever it lived, it would bring smiles and laughter. This heart, a heart amongst hearts, lived days of days, dreamed of magic during the night and awoke to see the world in such a passionate way. Some would say, others would whisper, many would fawn, but all would admire such beauty.

Once upon a time, not in that much of a distant past, the same heart grew from a mere child, a fledgling, a thought in training, to an experienced heart. It still went about its business with gusto, with pride, knowing that each day was but a gift from another power. Maybe, it dreamed, each day was created from a magnitude of hearts all wishing for something better than the day before.

Once upon a time, in years gone by, the heart started to feel, started to pine and wondered what else was out there. A heart beating, after all, required unity, a rhythm, a collaboration or majesty of ideals. With each passing day, the moving moments, the heart began to beat one less pulse each and every single day.

Once upon a time, a few years moved from memory, a heart met another heart and jumped for joy. Like an electric spark, a jolt of life, the heart beat faster than ever and truly found what it was like to fly. Although the heart knew that a world existed outside of its shell, its form, it could still feel the rhythm of its everlasting companion. They beat in unison, together, forever, maybe even longer and throughout each day and silent nights.

Once upon a time, within a day that should never be remembered, the heart awoke to find only its own tempo. It beat faster, then slower, then faster again. It panicked, bringing tears to the outside world, it tried to leap from its chest but found no solace or escape. Whimpering, screaming, begging for mercy or an end to it all, the beats faltered, the beats started to fail and only a whisper remained.

Once upon a time, after understanding and succour, with the resonance of others the heart started to find its cadence again. It wanted to skip, wanted to rise away from the depths of its feelings but the blood of old remained. Rising, slowly, away from it all the world started to become brighter. Once again did the beats recur.

Once upon a time, maybe even today, the heart remains strong and has understood the life that it has lived. It relishes the memories, beats for today and wonders about tomorrow. It has a strong beat, a confident beat, a resonance upon many and a pulse of magnificence.

…A happy ever after until that final day…

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