Monday, 25 April 2016

Porsche Boxster S 718 Invitation

The invitation arrived, with the usual flare of a company that crosses every T and procures each dot in the right place, so whom was I in the great scheme of things to decline. Although I’ve owned three Porsche cars, the 911, along with two Boxter models, I secured my parking space away from the main building as to not draw attention to my meagre Toyota MR2. Image, after all, is supposedly important in the superficial age that we now find ourselves.

Greeted at the door, feeling like royalty but, all the while, actually not feeling special as I’m, after all, just myself and I know where I’ve come from. I also know where I’m going but that’s another conversation.  The ambiance, fitting for said importance, presented itself with clean, clear, and obvious abundance. Money speaks volumes and, despite the lady who nearly fell from the white Boxster as she arrived, that money could never buy everlasting health, but, it could buy what we were sure to view.

The main speaker started but, ashamedly, I was stuck around the corner due to the nearly packed presentation space so failed to view the prestigiously presented video playing across a 100+ inch projector screen. The moment arrived, it appeared in front of our eyes and, obviously, it was a view to behold. Mid-engineered glory, two seater, 2.5l turbo Boxster shining in sumptuous Orange.

I won’t bore you with statistics, charts, technical words but, instead, I’ll simply state that it was a worthwhile adventure towards a car that I will, one day, hopefully own.

Thank you Porsche.

Normal Blog service will resume next week.

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