Friday, 24 June 2011


Every decision has consequences, revelations and resolutions; every choice can lead to disaster or recovery but don't worry as in the end, what will be... will be just that. Making stuff up: Auura: June 2011

I often hear people stating that "something was meant to be" and my reply is usually, "Well, yes, it was." We can believe that there are magical forces working behind the scenes and although I believe that there may or may not be (open mind) I prefer to pause and reflect, "What if we have total control of our own destiny... What if every single decision may mean the end of one's life while that same decision for someone else provides solitude from pain or even.. a way out."

Yeah, I know, what am I going on about?  I'm talking about destiny, that path that YOU make happen. Every decision can change that life of yours forever. Place your bets, throw the dice and prepare for the winning streak or utter failure; after all, life is a bet and as long as you know that it can go either way, you're no longer afraid to play.

Decisions: Make them count, make them wisely and make them as fun as possible :)

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  1. True! Decisions give our actions a direction. That means we should know where we want to go. That is interesting, because most people have no idea what they really want apart from some more or less good advice from their parents 20 years ago... ;-)


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