Tuesday, 28 June 2011

I'll be there...

From the moment you were born and until the day you die, I will, I promise, I swear that I'll be there for you. You may not realise or truly understand the part I play in your life but nevertheless I'm there, secret, hiding in broad daylight, playing to a drum of each exhalation from your daily life. Sure, I'm not as appreciated as I should be, probably not even a passing thought escapes from your mind but I have a job to do and I’ll do what I can.

I’ve been there as you grew from a small child into the person you are today, working away, battling to see you through both the good and the bad, the happy and obviously at times sad and I’m glad I do what I’ve been chosen to do. I’ve been there when you felt you had nowhere else to turn, those moments and seconds where I nearly stopped for you, nearly died, feeling the pain and agony of the tears that fell due to others mistakes. I felt, I carried on; I gave you strength to once again renew yourself.
Although one day I may no longer be able to stay with you I will do so until that final moment where life fades, making way to the universe from which you arrived, back to the darkness where energy wishes to create again. I’m what you would call a near silent observer, the person in the background, the echo that makes itself known at times of great stress or even great silence.
I’m the fighter that never gives up and never will; I’m the great force that makes mountains move and rivers bend but above all, I’m with you, a part of you. Never forget that, never forget me. I may not be perfect and I make mistakes, really, I really do, but who cannot forgive the blind monk that seeks the fruit of others? They say a drum beats when you fall in love then whoever they are, whoever and wherever they may be, they are correct.

Remember your heart; remember it well.

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