Friday, 14 November 2014


Slowly, deftly, with precision, the blade edge moves across the wooden surface, sculpting, crafting the image to my defined design. I pause, reflect, muse, decide then continue. Usually, when creating an item of worth, you roughly know what you’re going to make but on this occasion, right now, I know exactly what I need.

I’ve been thinking and, after seeing the world for what it is, I feel that I need to make a small change. It’s not dramatic enough to make a scene or ruckus, it’s not worth shouting about, but it’s a needed change nonetheless and worth the wait. Maybe we should all make small changes, maybe we could all be better and, just maybe, we could make ourselves heal.

With an increased amount of force I make a small ‘v’ indentation into the wood, cutting each side with the eye of an expert, making sure that both sides feel equal. There’s always a balance to things in life, always, as nature has shown time and time again. As people we often destroy such balance be it emotional, physical and spiritual or even unseen elements.

There, it’s nearly done, it’s just about complete. I’ve created myself a new heart, a heart of wood, a living breathing armour that can grow, that can heal, that stays grounded through me, within me, ready to take life’s struggles, life’s harsh words and, above all, steady when faced with my own failures. It’s taken many years, it’s proven to be a challenge but, finally, it’s ready and so am I.

Maybe I’ll take orders, create a few more, maybe I’ll bestow wisdom while relishing the moment to learn more or, failing all of that, maybe I’ll just keep it all a secret. After all, when the world turns off for the night, we need to keep ourselves safe and warm.

Slowly, deftly, with precision, the heart awakens with its new found strength. I react, start to wonder if it should have been made from a stronger substance,  I then hear the beating, I smile at the thought and venture into the world again. 

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