Saturday, 8 November 2014


As an ocean of sound, an avenue of rain, pours onto the world on this dark dusky chilled night I gather my thoughts that still remain. With fingertips that touch with the promise of holding a rose I gather the memories of the past, I grasp the ideals of a perfect future and firmly hold onto this very day. It’s now, it’s happening, it’s life, real, realistic, relished, rampant and at times a rancorous notion.

At what moment would or should I say how I feel? Shall I remain stagnant, remise my responsibility to ensure life vibrates at the harmonious frequency that we crave? There is little solace to be found with saying nothing until tomorrow. This is nothing but a fervour to hold onto what was said the previous day while, all along, the only words that really matter are the words spoken at the very second that the sound leaves your precious, pure, sensitive, seductively passionate and enticing lips. I want to hear you all over me, all day, all night, forever until the silence appears at the very end of everything.

I can still hear the tapping of the rain behind the rapacious thoughts, the beating threads attached to my minds living energy being expelled into the void. Come now… hear me, listen to me, feel my thoughts around you, within you, tasting your skin and wishing that yesterday didn’t happen, that today would be a different day, with tomorrow starting, being, then ending with you and only you.
I know that I shouldn’t want… you. I know that there’s rules, regulations, lines, paths that can never be explored but who said that it had to be this way? Whom indeed. No-one, not one person, not one voice, will ever stop the thoughts that escape. We’re dreamers, we’re full of hope, smiles, joy, until that day it’s finally taken from us. I don’t care what they say, what they do, they’ll never take this away from me, from us, from you.

When all has been spoken and the thoughts thrown to the world, I’ll remain here, still, vigilant, aware, poised to take any advantage that I can. I’m alive, I’m real, I’m part of the bigger plan and that, alone, will remain. Tomorrow need not exist, yesterday seems to fade with each second and today is all I require. Today. Today is you, today is me and today is every single person deciding to be more than they were the day before.

As an ocean of sound, an avenue of rain, pours onto the world on this dark dusky chilled night I gather my thoughts that still remain. With a new understanding I’m finally free of the past, I’m planning for a better future and today… yes today, will be the day that I make things the way they should be. We’re now, this is our lives, raw, a live recording, no test scripts, so let’s stand, grasp today and simply… be what we’re meant to be.

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