Friday, 28 October 2016


I recall the hours, filled with the seconds of you, exciting, inspiring, including smiles and those looks between us. We were flying high, right up there in the sky, never wanting to fall or to come down. I used to hold you, never ever scolding you, as we were both free spirits combined into one.  There were even words spoken, of love, of being together forever, but like many real life fairy tales the dreams came true but they couldn't, wouldn't, ever last.

Instead, in the wake of the events that followed, I instead become truly a person of one. Me, I, just the singular, realising that the love I show myself is the most magical aspect of life for a person to understand. We’re all alone, even when surrounded by people, trapped within, realising each and every sin, we commit to ourselves and others.

Life might forgive me, may forget us, but the heart still beats, it still recalls, still imagines a new place. Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, I still miss you, I always will, even if I share my bed with another, share my kisses with a few, you’re still there amongst the thoughts smiling as you did.

I’ll never forget you. Ever.

Love x

P.s. Standard disclaimer to the people that know me: No hidden meaning here. Just listening to a song and writing!

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