Saturday, 17 September 2016


Originally written around April 2008. Excuse the lack of punctuation, extra long sentences and mistakes.  I try not to change what has already been set in stone.

She looked down at the desk, at the small scrap of paper curled into a ball, at the old pen beside the paper and most of all, at the desk itself. Her eyes felt heavy, tired, weary, struggling to bridge the words inside onto the paper that now rested on the table. Lyrics, at times, seemed to flow with beauty, with ease, but understanding on this day, a day of days, had not arose as easily as they should have. Muddled, slightly here, a little there, but obviously not quite whole, she closed her eyes.

In that second, she imagined herself in another place, somewhere completely different from the desk, from the room that her spirit frequented each day, somewhere serene.  In a second, with her mind seeing the moment, she stood in the middle of a sea of green, a world filled with long, waist high flowing grass. Her eyes opened to see the flowing sun around her, with a bright blue sky above and slow birds flying as high as any kite. The world slowed, almost halted in time, peace, a place to envision.. everything, anything, nothing, any moment, any time and most of all, to explore.

The long free grass moved softly, side to side, back and forth, with the gentle soft wind pressing the grass as if it were a kiss. She lifted her hands to rest on top of the grass and moved forward, towards the tree in the distance, not that far away, just enough, just that distance away to appreciate the gentle walk. Her hair moved with the romantic wind, the air that gently caressed her soft face, as if it simply wished to hold her, comfort her, touching with such care and attention, that every breeze seemed like there was love all around. 

She span around with a twirl, head looking into the warm sky, freedom, not a worry in this peaceful garden of her imagination, a place that exhumed the way things could be, had been, will be, again and again, as long as she remembered. A smile grew, her hair relaxed from the spin and her body exhaled such strength at the freedom, bliss and tranquillity. She reached the tree and sat down, with her back to the ageless bark.

Time once again stood still as she looked across the endless scene of blue sky and green slender thought, each strand moving with said tender romantic kisses. Here, this place, this moment, held such power, freedom, a place and chance to dream, to clear the clouds from her sky. Leaning forward, She picked a buttercup from the ground and gently moved it across her cheek, feeling the soft petals as she again looked out across the vista. Amazing.

Just at that second, she closed her eyes again, opened her ears and just... listened. There was the wind, again, making itself known, ensuring that it’s warm touches were not forgotten amongst the sound of grass moving, birds chirping and shadows that didn’t exist with closed eyes. This place, this imaginative moment, calmed every, single, small, thought and feeling. She opened her eyes and looked at the desk, pen and paper. Life always posed such possibilities, such situations that exposed her resolve, chipping at her confidence, wrestling with her doubt, then, often providing unimaginable sparks.  She picked up the paper, using both hands to unravel, to place the same paper, unfolded, onto the desk. With pen in hand, she carried on writing:

This morning I awoke to a sea of green, to a sky of blue, with strands of thought as real as you

The air held me in its arms and moved the sky above........

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