Saturday, 27 January 2018


The first voice, my voice, escalates until it’s no longer a murmur, a hidden selection of words that have needed to be voiced for the longest time. I might be a single solitary individual, but I have feelings, I've known life and some of its intricacies. I'm aware as much as I can be.

The second voice joins, two in harmony, feeling the same rhythm, the same pause and reflection. We’re joined in the single mind of thinking. Together, forever, we can join to create a way of understanding, to ensure that we both, at all times, respect each other and push the message towards a better day.

The third and fourth voice connects, becoming more, the signal amplified to another level. We’re a conscious mind, we’re a collective, a force swirling in the silence of other’s thoughts. We’re now moving forward, we’re never retreating, the direction becoming clearer each and every single second that we chant the words required to become a better place. We’re people, we’re living, breathing, individuals but as said, we’re more, we’re that place we've been searching for.

The six become twelve, a veritable chorus, a cacophony, a melody that needs work, needing to find the final chord to ensure that the feeling appeals to all. We’re heading in the right direction, a couple of voices of dissent, soon understanding the message, joining with the epicureanism living lifestyle of the few.  The more, the sooner, the quicker that we reach that level that cannot be surpassed.

The fiftieth individual reaches the moment of transition, where they no longer have the ideals of the few as, instead, they embrace the knowing of the many. We’re fighting the lies, the corruption of life, trying as best we can to see a clearer path within this wild world of ours. We’re fighting, not just our own beliefs, we’re fighting years of ingrained training, the marketing abuse of lies and re-direction. The more, the stronger, the nearer we become to understanding what needs to happen.

The hundredth soul, the hundredth spark, the life force and union of all things, breaches the known to embrace the freedom of choice. We’re growing, we’re sounding our way into the night filled day. There’s no way to stop the sound, the song, the words of harmony descending into all the lives around us. We’re not fanatical, we’re not flying within the clouds, we’re realistic, we’re instruments of thought, we’re playing live within the acted world of life. We’re here, now, waiting and remembering.

The thousand becomes a million. There’s no longer any army, in any land of this world, that can stop a united message. We've seen through the lies, the corruption, and we've noticed that there could be a brand new day in front of us. We’re singing, we’re lifting our souls into the air, finally allowing ourselves to fly after being grounded for so long. We can fly, we can sour, as we’re now free with no voices ready to spread dissent into our lives. The truth is out there, the path is as clear as the sun within our shining lives.  We've tasted freedom, from the life inherited.

We, finally, have a melody worth singing. Together, for the rest of our lives, nothing can stop a million voices exclaiming a better way. Today, tomorrow, the world will become 7.4 million voices. Free. The melody of life has found you. It’s found me. Let’s all sing together.

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