Monday, 18 June 2018


He’d heard it all before, the stories, the memories, all thrown out there for all to see. He didn't mind washing dirty laundry but, at times, having to look at all the other clothing could become tiring. He’d seen a small part of the world, looked at a thousand faces, seen the tears and walked through his own fears.

He’d broken down, at times, hands on the floor screaming at the top of his lungs, maddened by the crazy cruel world that often stalked his sanity. He didn't want a lot, wish for a lot, or even need anything more than what he had, but that wasn't why he was here.

The room ahead starting to appear into his view. He’d waited for this moment for quite a long time and, although he knew what to expect it was the people, the glorious people, that made it all worthwhile. He didn't have to say much, as long as he was smiling, enjoying the seconds, that allowed him to exist on the moments he found.

As his steps slowed, to a crawl, savouring the moment, he recalled the memory where he’d visited a dance floor all those years previous. They’d been the first to step forward, that awkward feeling embracing the both of them, but neither really cared. The thoughts brought a larger smile to his lips and even a very small chuckle.

There was another time where he’d tried to learn to dance. Not the usual night club drunken mess but real, actual, dancing. The grace, the way they’d all effortlessly moved, it opened his eyes. He didn't continue but the experience alone could never be forgotten.

Another moment, another time, flashed forward. He’d kissed a beautiful young woman, for the first time, after a few dances. Now those were special moments, the way she expressed herself on that night, the flirting, the silly conversations, all worthwhile, all remembered and hopefully never forgotten.

But, tonight, was a new opportunity. He didn’t expect much from this night, a few new moves being shown to all participants, his clean cut hair and smooth skin, ready to express his smile as his feet moved. He knew that life could be simple, if he wanted it to be, which was what tonight was about. Letting go, being free, having fun and, above all, finding someone, a kind person, to dance with.

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