Tuesday, 9 January 2018


The rain, moving, hitting the ground at speed, fulfilling its intended purpose, strikes my face and body with near certainty. I know that there’s something wrong, something that I'm not quite aware of, but I'm not one to pry into another’s affairs. They say that everybody cries, everyone finds a place to create their own rain like tears, but for me, for now, I'm not one of those people.

The heart pours, the heart feels, the heart needs more than what the mind can provide. It needs to be cleansed, adored, loved without question or remorse. I know that everything can change, with or without the world wrapped around us, but if I could take some of this rain, from this place I inhabit within my own heart, I would wash away all of your sins, your reservations about my own heart, the words that I often use to instil life.

You, just you, will always be a part of me. You’re like the air that I need to survive, calming, soothing, flowing over me until I can no longer feel anything other than relaxed. That is why, right now, I'm at a loss of what to do. No-one should ever be lonely, that crippling disease known to many, if not all, which is why I want to walk with you. For the longest time. For the shortest time. It makes no difference. As I said, as I know, as it is written, I know that something’s wrong. I'm not a black shadow that only sees what I want to see, as I'm supposed to be a light, that beacon you can find to get you home. If you so choose.

The rain hits harder as the seconds move forward. I’d hardly call my walk brisk, with the seconds moving along, as my snail like thoughts are destroying that needed motivation. I've seen things, been within things, known hatred, had disgust thrown in my face, but none of that matters as that’s to do with me. I know that I'm not a shield in this world, designated to protecting everyone, which I accept but that still doesn't mean that I shouldn't at least try.

If I could walk away, into the dark distance in front of me, I honestly would. That would be easy, a quick solution, but where in the world would that leave your impression of me. If I'm to walk around this world then please, at least, come with me. Hold my hand, hold my heart, hold my body or even hold my words of tenderness. It’s your choice. I need nothing from you, despite what I said, as I'm contained within myself. It’s a cruel place I live within, when I think about some of my decisions, but it’s kept me safe, kept me aware, which I've come to terms with. A smile erases everything but, that smile, is only worth the actual feelings behind those muscles you force to move.

The rain doesn't seem to be stopping, threatening to engulf each of my steps. Please, help yourself, as I cannot walk forever surrounded by tears and silent words. Open yourself, be brave, grasp at the thoughts in front of you, let me be what I can be and then gain strength. Hiding, within that silence, only reaches the level of being crushed. For once, for the moment right now, stop your rain falling into my life.

The rain, moving, hitting the imaginary scene at speed, creating nothing but strife. I know that there’s something wrong, something that I'm aware of, but I am about to pry into your affairs. They say that everybody cries, everyone finds a place to create their own nightmare, but for me, I'm not about to become one of those people for someone else.

Rain does seem to feature a lot in my Blog posts.

Thursday, 4 January 2018


Her smile entered the room as the door slammed shut. A little, undisciplined smile, appeared across my face before I commanded it to disappear. I know what I'm good at, I know what you need, which is why I knew to let that little smile appear. You’re you, seductive, sexually vibrant, aware, with such a cute smile hiding whatever thoughts that roam within that mind of yours. Of course, it took someone to bring this out of you, someone that understood what your mind wanted to say, someone just like me.

Dressed to impress, my eyes roaming across everything you have, I notice that you’re wearing my favourite outfit and shoes. Not too naughty, a lot of fun, with just the right amount of tease to bring all of my thoughts to the front of my fingertips. I'm not saying that I'm an unscrupulous person but, yeah, that’s what I'm saying.

Unprincipled, promiscuous, thinking and doing all of those things your Mother warned you about. Life is short, with most moments event shorter, so I need to know that you’re on the same wavelength. “Hey you,” you say with those red lips of yours, knowing exactly what and where those lips should be. You’re showing some skin, as usual, those legs of yours, being all smooth and tempting. I don’t want to lick my lips, as my wishful tongue is best suited to other tasks, but I do so anyway. Hungry, eager, in all matters of you.

As you come closer, close enough to breath you into me, your hot breath exhales the obvious desire and need. You whisper softly that you’re all mine, for the next few hours, but is that really ever enough? If you play with me then that’s all you’ll get. If you play with my mind then I’ll insist on the tease lasting for days, weeks, all the nights, until we can’t take another step. I've been aching, to be near you, for the longest time, needing more than the words on your lips or page. The tension, the need, to write my name all over you again and again. There’s no principle worth upholding when you’re this close.

You know that I'm devious, almost corrupt, but if that’s what it takes to reach the heights of life, with you, then that’s where I'm heading. You kick off your high heels, with flats hardly being suitable for an entrance like yours, trying your best to look innocent. You know why you’re here, as my arm moves around your waist, bringing you as close as possible, making sure that you’re ready for the thirst ridden kiss that embraces the both of us. Soft lips, the soft skin pressing against mine, moving together with ease, erupts and then all hell breaks loose. Lifting you onto the side table you open your legs as I place myself between them. You squeeze around me, pulling me in, closer than I thought imaginable. The kisses coming quick and fast, heat rising as I manage to get my top off.

With one hand I wrap my fingers around a section of your blouse, brushing against your breasts. I then make sure to grasp the bra underneath and with one quick movement, while you lift your arms, your top and bra are removed only to be thrown across the room. It must have hurt, just a little, but that’s okay as I’ll kiss it better for you. My lips move to your neck as I glancingly brush your chest. The absolute hunger envelops the both of us. Biting my neck, as I move my lips to kiss between your breasts, I stop. For a moment, taking in the second of mild painful pleasure, I bring my eyes to yours, smiling, possibly trying to see into your hunger, maybe your thoughts, but either way that doesn't last for long as I, in return, bite your shoulder.

Pushing me away, hopping from the side table, un-zipping your short skirt, you lift your leg and push me onto the bed. I, however, have other plans. I grab that leg of yours, running my hand up the underside while softly using the tip of my tongue along the top. You stop me as I reach the end of your leg which, of course, only makes me want you more. With both of us smiling, feeling the adrenaline rushing we again feel each other’s lipstick stained lips. Breathing becoming shallow, a different kind of heat, wanton, a needing exhalation, grasping to breath each other’s desire into ourselves. 

If I could bath in your beauty, if I could grasp that part of your mind that wants me, I’d surely wrap myself around you and never let go. There’ s sex, there’s desire, then there’s you. I don’t want to touch if it doesn't feel real. Yeah, she knows, that I don’t normally give a flying f*** for most things, but once connected, I'm going all the way again and again and again.  You are, more importantly, invited along for every, single, ride.

Then… .

Wednesday, 3 January 2018


Biting my lip, figuratively, I relax into the chair listening like an obedient slave. I want to answer back, I don’t want to play the game, but I have a place and I'm being put there. It’s strikingly annoying, it’s maddingly obvious, but what else can I do.

If I had a life, with everything in the appropriate place, all lines crossed, I’d gladly rise from this chair and question everything. I want to fight, to find freedom, but that’s not the path that I'm taking. I'm forsaking that type of direction in favour of simply letting it all happen. I'm hardly a coward, not usually one to stand back, but this is the way my world seems to be.

My knuckles tense as my fingers grasp the sides of the chair, showing a slight crack in my resolve. I, however, smile, placate the situation, nod my head like a good boy and say the words that need to be said. I play that game, I tell my wounds to shut up and to hide away. It’s not the time, it’s not ‘that’ time just yet but, the ever present question isn't if, it’s when. When will I finally shout, “Enough!” To the world, to everyone that does and doesn't count?  Not today, not tomorrow, not next week and probably, maybe, never.

I'm waiting, we’re waiting, they’re waiting, along with the world, for something, somewhere, to change. We’re static, accepting, subservient to the way life has set our course. That thought, those words alone, fill me with fear. I'm flying, two inches from the ground, with a rope around my arms ensuring that I'm only destined to travel on the intended path. Don’t deviate, don’t dare make a suggestion, as that’s not allowed in this world. Play nice, be nice, be rewarded and have everything taken from us day in, day out. But, saying that, I realise that I'm damn lucky to have what I have. Truth be told that fact cannot be denied.

The nod is given, the final words spoken, which means that I'm allowed to leave the room. I've been guided, directed, the steel bars placed around my wrists ensuring that I'm still stuck within the world I inhabit. I could run, I could remove all bonds and strive into the world becoming free, but our world isn't designed that way. We’re financially buried, burdened, enticed to buy more and more, ever shackled to the very place we despise.  To truly be free we’d have to forsake so much, so many things, in order to finally feel that freedom.

It’s disgusting, it’s making me bitter, twisting my insides into something I've never intended to be but, this is what is. I'm not going to fight it. I can’t. Instead, as the eyes divert their gaze away from me, sedated to my working mind, I’ll play, I’ll scrape, I’ll work my way free into the world again. I'm not stupid, supposedly an intelligent persona, which means that I’ll bide that time. We all have plans, most wanting different things, which means that today, tomorrow, next year, is when we make our move. I don’t feel that frustrated, trapped into desperation, as I know that I ultimately have a choice.

For now, I’ll walk along this corridor, slowly, methodically, planning, realising, that I'm not truly controlled, as my plan is to simply acquiesce to everything. That, after all, means that I'm never, ever, truly under another’s power.

Stay free!

Sunday, 31 December 2017


10 best laid plans, the events, the things that we were all supposed to do in the year 2017. It’s too late, the time has gone, the moments left behind like a worthless dream. There were no actors or actresses, no finished plans or scripts. All just a memory.

9 more hours to go, or would that be minutes, at the moment that you read this. Nine more chances to make a list, to think of things to say, or even do, in the coming year.  The nine months before this day have now vanished before your very eyes.

8 moments of magic, or maybe even a few more than eight, will hopefully have taken place in this year and space. We’re about to have 365 chances at magic which makes eight, more or less, seem like a wasted opportunity. Then again, if you’re like me… each day IS magic as I'm still here.

7 places to visit, this year or the next? Life is a journey so maybe, next year, you and I will get to see those seven fabulous places that we swore we’d see this year. There’s no excuse, other than time or money, but it’s amazing what we can achieve when we put our minds into something.
6 saving words that calm a friend, were spoken this year. Obviously, those saving words were surrounded by other letters, additional text, that wasn't really required. We care, we love, we really should help, as that’s what makes life special.

5 more chances to spend time with you, next year, which will hopefully extend to far, far more chances. Life is precious, an unknown quantity, drip fed a day at a time. 2017 was a difficult year, with people missing from my heart, never, ever, to return. If you’re in my heart you better had realise that you’re there to stay. If you need me… you've 365 new chances to say hello. Make them count.

4 moments of failure, with maybe more that I've forgotten in the last year. I'm often one to not be too forward, or take opportunities when I should. I try to respect everyone, which means I'm stationery, dependable, even though I just want to go wild. Be crazy. It’s a blessing and a curse. Here’s to a fresh set of chances to go crazy… No regrets.

3 is the odd one out, no matter where you are. Let’s not be defined next year. We’re not this, not that and never going to be the other. Boundaries be damned. Definitions be thrown away. We’re supposed to be individuals even if we’re wearing, or driving, the exact same thing.

2 more chances to apologise. It’s never too late and, in this day and age, can be done without even showing your face. A simple text, a quick reply, a moment’s thought and we can hopefully move forward.  Take the chance. Be brave. It’s not pride stopping the apology… it’s fear of admitting. Go on, admit it, apologise if needed.

1 more second remains. That’s it, done, finished, 2017 has gone and now, right now, before the New Year’s lull embraces us, take the day to plan, the strategy of your life. We don’t need to pick any single day to be something we've always wanted to be, but the start of 2018 is better than nothing at all. It’s not going to be easy, as change never is, unless you don’t need change. But, saying that, we need growth. We need accomplishments no matter how small.

0 excuses. Be and do what you've always wanted to do and be.  It may take time but, if you believe, then of course, I believe in you and what you can do.

Happy New Year.

Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Jack - Snotty Bear (Part 4)

Tiny, who was walking alongside Joy, stopped and peered through the tree leaves. Holding up a finger to his lips, with a great big loud ‘Shhhhhhhhhh’, he gestured for Joy to be as quiet as she could be. They wouldn’t want to annoy the Polar Bear, or even scare him, as they were naughty elves and often annoyed people. Stepping from behind the trees they approached the cave entrance.

Joy, tip toeing as quietly as she could, with Tiny having a piggy back ride, stopped as the sunshine suddenly seemed to vanish. Darkness descended around them until, obviously, they realised that something had created a big, bad, scary shadow over the both of them. Turning ever so slowly they both came face to face with a wall of white fur and, looking up, noticed that the wall of fur also had teeth. A lot of teeth. Two great big rows of teeth, all sharp, all quite scary and white.

As the seconds ticked away, frozen with scared faces, the wall of fur, as well as teeth, sat down allowing the sunshine to return. With a great big smile, the Polar Bear started to say hello, “Hello Elves. What brings you all the way out here?”
“We need some of your snot, nearly a cup full.” Stated Tiny while climbing down from Joy’s shoulders.
“Well,” said the Polar Bear, “That will be difficult as I haven’t had a cold for awhile and my nose seems to be snot free.” Tiny looked at Joy, while Joy looked at Tiny, both wondering what they should do next. With a small eyebrow raise, a cheeky giggle, Tiny reached into his Elf suit to find a cup and while doing that Joy found the Pepper pot she had brought along, just in case.
“Mr Bear,” said Tiny, “Could you please come closer?”
“Why yes I can,” replied the Polar bear while moving closer.  Pouring the pepper into her hand Joy inhaled as much air as her lungs could find, raised her hand, then blew as hard as she could, sending the Pepper flying straight into Bear’s nose.

The bear leaned back slightly, nose twitching more and more as the seconds flew away. With an ‘ah’, plus an ‘ah’, with another ‘ah’, the bear finished the ‘ah’ with a great big extremely loud ‘choo’. The snot flew forward as Tiny caught the snot in the cup as well as his face. They then watched as all the snow fell from the surrounding trees.

“Well,” said Bear, “That was a very naughty way of getting my snot. If you’d have waited I could have given you a jar full as the Badgers have it for their aching… .”  Before Bear could finish Tiny and Joy ran off as fast as they could. With snot still dripping from his nose the Bear smiled, “Happy Christmas Tiny and Joy, Happy Christmas!”

Jack, tapping his fingers on the ancient oak table, knees high above the small height, wished that they’d make furniture for him and not just the smaller Elves. It was often difficult eating meals, playing board games or, even, for his poor, poor back that always had to lean over. He also wished that the Elves would return with their intended items. He worried that they’d get up to mischief, or even worse, eat all the Candy in the stores. But, of course, he had to have faith. As his mind started to calm itself the door flew open, smashing into the wall, sending the picture of Father Christmas crashing to the floor. Closing his eyes at the naughty way they always opened, or closed, every single door, he was at least happy to see them all return. Jinx, Pine, Elfie, Dash, Tiny and Joy marched across the room and, in a line, presented their chosen item.

Jack, with glee, took the Reindeer’s fleck, Bunny fur and Polar Bear’s snot. Turning to his ‘frosty’ bowl he threw them in and started to stir with the smallest spoon he’d ever seen. Just like the furniture the cutlery was also just a little bit too small. Once finished he picked up the bowl and walked outside, with all of the Elves following him, as they didn’t want to miss what happened next.

Jack knew that Christmas was a special occasion, especially seeing as family members managed to come together to wish each other well, but this was for a short time. People seemed to live busy lives, watching television, wasting precious time, instead of being naughty, eating candy or laughing with each other, so this was his way of making things that bit better. He wanted snow and, seeing as his name was ‘Jack Frost’, it was up to him to create such a thing.

With the Elves gathered around he started to speak the Christmas words,
“There was once a Christmas without an Eve,
Filled with nothing but snow,
And on that very special day we received,
Love that never wanted to let us go,
With a lot of gracious smiles,
That loved us from across all the miles,
I give back to the world this precious gift,
Of this great big giant, snow filled drift.”

The Elves all looked with amazement as jack, scooping out the contents of goop from the bowl, threw it into the air and ever so slightly exhaled his ‘frost air’ from his mouth. As the goop fell into the frost it turned into a great big snow flake. Moving quickly, Jack caught the flake. Then, with as much force as he could find, he threw the flake high into the sky which reached all the way into the clouds. One by one the clouds changed, all the way around the world, then, like magic, snow started to fall.

Jack, feeling proud of the Elves, turned to them, “Thank you all for making this Christmas special. We are family, a great big world family, that now has snow and that’s all thanks to you Elves.  Happy Christmas!”  The Elves jumped up and down and hugged each other.

The End.

Happy Christmas xxxx

Jack - Bunny Fun (Part 3)

Jinx, along with Pine, shot down the hill at an impressively naughty speed while sat on top of a large slice of tree bark that they’d found. With expert skill they moved ever so slightly left, or right, to avoid various stones and trees. To a novice sledger this type of environment would be a hazard, even dangerous, but to these naughty Elves it was just another day in the snow.

As they reached the bottom of the hill, in perfect sight of the Rabbit’s warren, they jumped from the makeshift bark sledge and did a quick check of their reserves, “How much candy did you bring with you Jinx?” asked Pine, ready with his list after Jinx had finished,
“I brought along two sticks of rock, 10 large sweets, a bag of gobstoppers, a selection of liquorice and a great big cola bottle!” exclaimed Jinx. In turn Pine relayed his list,
“I brought along one stick of rock, 4 large sweets, an extra large bag of gobstoppers and an extra amazing fizzy cola bottle. Large.” Their eyes widened at such a selection of candy and without even asking the question, they both shouted, as loud as they could, at the exact same time,
“Eat them all!”

Happy with their rapid eating of candy, as well as the sugar frenzy required by the scary downhill sledge event, they carried on their way.  They’d often visit the Rabbits, on one of their adventure days, so today wasn’t much different than any other adventure, other than the strands of hair required. As they approached Jinx stepped on a twig and, from over a small bank of snow, Noel, Holly, Robin and Angel’s head popped up with twitching noses. Happy to see each other they all started jumping around, rolling in the snow, becoming thoroughly exhausted. As the calm arrived, Holly, the main bunny, hopped over to the elves, “Good to see you both!  What do we owe this visit, other than to be naughty or fill the entrances with snow like last time. It took an hour to find the entrance!” Pine laughed, knowing that they’d find their way home,
“Good to see you too,” said Jinx, “We’re here to collect some bunny fur for Jack! Is it just the four of you?”
“Yes. Bowser, Snuffle, Sneaky and the other 20 are away for a Christmas Carrot disco,” said Holly.
“It would have been great to have seen everyone but, as always, we’re up to no good and need that fur!” replied Jinx.
“Snowball fight you for it?” Said Robin the bunny, jumping into the conversation.
“You’re on!” shouted Pine with excitement building.

Seconds later Pine and Jinx, standing behind a snow wall, built their ammunition made from the surrounding snow. Over in the other corner, a few meters away, Noel, Holly and Robin also prepared their snowballs. Angel stood, just off to the side, making sure that everyone followed the rules.

“Before we start may I state that there shall be no cheating, nothing naughty, just normal snowballs. No giant avalanches, no rapid-fire inventions or any mischievous deeds at all. Understand?” Said Angel as everyone nodded. With a nod the carnage began.

As the snowballs started to fly Jinx, being a master of all things snow, took aim with his very first shot. He measured the wind strength with a sticking out tongue, the weight of the snowball already in mind, he took aim and fired. He looked on, with glee, as the lump of snow flew through the air at a slight angle. As it started to change direction, towards the ground, it hit Robin, at full force sending her rolling backwards into the snow. Spluttering, with her nose and ears full of snow, she walked off towards the side of the area. It was now two versus two. Elves against bunnies. Fur against naughty.

Holly’s snowball smashed into Pine’s hat, as Jinx answered back with a volley of snow. The game continued for the next ten minutes. All having the greatest time in the world until, finally, the winner was announced. Jinx and Pine, of course, had won and they dropped the remaining ammunition and walked over to Angel. “Well done,” announced Angel, “which means that you can now have your prize of fur!” At this, Angel, who had collected the fur from the corner of their Warren before the match started, handed over the fur. Both Jinx and Pine jumped for joy but, before Angel could say anything further, she watched as both Elves ran off faster than she could think. Shaking her head, with a great big smile, she knew that although they were naughty, the Elves surely did have hearts of gold. 

“Happy Christmas Jinx and Pine,” Angel shouted, “Happy Christmas!”

Sunday, 24 December 2017

Jack - Reindeer Games (Part 2)

Elfie skipped along the path, with Dash following closely behind, gathering quite a pace with each skip. Having fun, while singing one of their odd songs, being naughty as usual. At the top of his voice, Elfie sang with Dash, repeating, “Give me an N then an A with a U, shout a G with a H with a T for me and a Y for you! What do you have? NAUGHTY!”

Their words echoed through the trees, their naughty verse probably causing a curse but, as they neared the edge of the tree line, they could see the tundra start to appear… the home of the reindeer. Naturally they roamed around, if they weren't flying high above the clouds, but since becoming friends with Father Christmas, all those years previous, the Elves built some beautiful stables complete with flashing lights and a disco deck. The Elves liked music, especially Christmas music, but the Reindeer simply insisted on music at all times.

The skipping stopped as Elfie and Dash approached, their vision filled with the many flashing lights and ever present music blaring. The song was one of their favourites, especially when wrapping presents, so their joy reached new levels. Walking past each Stable they read the names aloud, “Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen and,” they both paused, filled with wonder and excitement as the last name appeared, “Rudolph!” Looking at each other, their red cheeks glowing and hands, raised into the air, waving around.

They’d only met Rudolph once before, at a Christmas disco, but weren't feeling naughty enough to push past everyone else to say hello. This, of course, was a long time ago and now, right now, they were more than naughty enough to say hello. With Elfie stood slightly to the right of the door, Dash to the left, they both raised a hand and knocked as hard as they could. As soon as they stopped knocking they both spun round to place their backs to the wall. The door opened and they both gasped as Rudolph’s bright red nose appeared, “Hello, who’s there?” said Rudolph. With naughty intent, Dash reached out and prodded Rudolph’s nose as, at the same time, Elfie did the same. A double side nose prod was one of their best moves!  Stepping forward a little more, with a sore nose, Rudolph appeared, looking left, then right. Shaking his head and closing his eyes, he knew that they were here for something naughty. “You two… you’d better come in before you catch a cold from sneezing on each other!”

Elfie, standing on a chair without being asked, bounced up and down listening for the spring noise as Dash wormed his way across the floor on his back. Rudolph, still shaking that head of his, switched the kettle on and looked at his nose in the small mirror on the wall. “Okay you two, what would you like as I'm sure that this isn't a social call? Candy perhaps?” Elfie, still bouncing on the chair, shouted,
“A fleck?”
“A fleck?” Rudolph repeated,
“A fleck!” said Dash.
“A fleck?” said Rudolph as he looked confused.

As Elfie bounced even higher, on the way down, his leg crashed through the chair’s soft cushioning and the spring flew from under the chair. They all watched as it shot through the air, smashing through the window behind Rudolph. Elfie, pulling his leg free, shot across to the next chair, sitting while whistling a tune of ‘It wasn't me’. Rudolph, expecting nothing less from an Elf visit, sat and, sipping on his Winter grey tea, asked in a calm voice, “What is this about a Fleck?”
“We need a fleck of hoof, from a reindeer!” stated Dash who had also stopped being naughty.
“Who sent you?”

“Jack sent the both of us to find you!” shouted Dash, as he dug into the side of a chair, eventually  finding a chocolate snack.
“Ah, Mr Frost. In that case you’ll have to do one thing for me before you can have your fleck.”
Alfie, suddenly excited, blurted out suggestions, “Eat candy until my belly explodes? Wrap presents until my hands hurt? Trip 20 friends and laugh at them?” Rudolph, with a smile, muttered words under this breath before continuing,
“I’d simply like you both to learn a new dance!” Dash stood, virtually at the same time as Elfie, both literally wanting to explode at such a task. They loved dancing. It was one of their favourite things in the world and, if they were honest, their favourite thing in the world would actually be dancing, while wrapping presents.

Placing the cup onto the table beside him, pressing the play button on the record player, Rudolph walked into the middle of the room, as Elfie and Dash joined him. Dash to his left and Elfie to his right. “The dance is easy,” Rudolph explained, “so copy me and we’ll see if we can get it right!”

Rudolph stepped to the right and the two copied him. He then stepped to the left, jumped up clacking his hooves together, the fronts to the rears, landing back firmly onto the floor. Both Elves stood still, partly with wonder at such a move, but mostly in admiration for Rudolph. At that exact moment, they knew why he was head Reindeer. As the wonder started to fade Elfie looked at Dash, both knowing what to do, as they both jumped into the air, bringing their legs up and slapping their feet against their hands.

Over the next ten minutes they both danced, copied, danced some more and, finally, managed to complete the dance with absolutely no mistakes. They were tired, possibly all out of ‘naughty’, but Rudolph knew that they’d get that back soon enough. Trotting over to the fire place, lifting his leg slightly, Rudolph brought his hoof down onto the edge of the brickwork and a small amount of Hoof fell away. He was due for a nail cut anyway so this was actually helping him, “There you go you two, a nice small ‘fleck’ for you both. Be good, be polite, don’t be too naughty and dance as shown at the Christmas party!”  Both Elves smiled from ear to ear, as they were handed their prize. Mission accomplished and, before Rudolph could say anything further, they’d ran out of his house, slamming the door as hard as they could, smashing the other small window in his room.

Shaking his head, again, Rudolph sat down, sipped his tea and smiled. “Merry Christmas Elfie and Dash, Merry Christmas!”