Thursday, 14 July 2016


I've been thinking, only a little, maybe a lot, but those thoughts were all about… you. Okay, fine, my thoughts are my own, but at times I do like to share. Let me first apologise if my thoughts are unrequited. Let me state that I would never approach without poise, reflection, calm, with the respect intended and deserved. I'm, in a way, a thoughtful kind of person. Words do not fall without the meaning and meanderings behind them.

I've been thinking, a lot, but for only a little time, about you and how you are. Frankly, to be blunt, to maybe even be a little salacious, I find you so unbelievably attractive that I find that my mind wanders to you. I can be shopping, browsing the selections of produce, then I’ll arrive to your lips. It’s almost a certainty. Driving, walking, roaming the corridors, it all arrives back to you. I often admonish myself, annoyed at my actions and intended intentions.

I've been thinking, constantly, at times, of the things that we could do. I again apologise, taking a step back, suddenly realising that honesty is often not the best course of action in these cases. I know that we've flirted, I know that we've expressed the kind of looks that have tell tail intentions, but even though we can both see, maybe, we should stay blind. The fiery temptation of a quick stare, a mild raised grin, a glance into your eyes that scream intentional circumstances, it’s all there for the taking and delight. A person should never overstep their desires until the path is made clear. It’s obvious, safe, a way to remain poised.

I've been thinking, never endingly, at points, of where we will be in the future. Crazy dreams, momentary thoughts, flashes of satisfaction, indulgence, wanton wishes and flights of fancy. Clear shores of faraway adventures filled with wine, dine, holding hands and more. I’d, of course, prefer to remain grounded. It’s the type of person I am but, in all honesty, something about you makes something within me want to go crazy.

I've been thinking, all the time, for a few seconds, of why I feel this way. Something about you reaches over, finds a way, to connect to me. I'm not sure if it’s my soul, aura, mind body or other, but it’s there. Whenever you walk into the room, the walls brighten, the music stops, my heart races a little bit and my smile widens. I'm not crazy. Maybe a little. I've noticed that you’re smiling and, thankfully, maybe, you feel the same way too.

I've been thinking, right now, the next second, that we should just do it. Go crazy. Let’s get out of here, to somewhere else, who cares where as long as we’re there. Let’s hold hands, let’s skip, dance in public, take pictures in that photo booth, eat ice-cream, talk of tales gone by and maybe, just maybe, kiss a little. Throw caution to the wind, express delight, let feelings flow and embrace this moment.

I've been thinking… .

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