Friday, 16 February 2018


The rhythm played, from the background, with a rhyme that started to make my very bones get up to dance. The sublime message, lost in the foreign words of another design, echoed around my skull, tempting, asking me, demanding me, to move from the chair at once.

It wasn't going to happen, I knew this, everyone knew this, as I always tried to hold my composure in the steady hand of control. I’d be commissioned, infiltrated, conditioned to be the way I am over the years despite wanting to truly break these self imposed chains.

I saw you, without making it obvious, the moment you walked into the room. You’re there, somewhere within the small crowd, focused on getting your chosen drink of the moment while I, of course, remain static. Defined, refined, dressed to impress but still ever so relaxed. There is, of course, a game to play and the rules were yet to be defined by your eyes.

The heat in the room, building with each second, threatened to break that cool stance with each passing moment but, as always, that regulated view remained as you appeared through the crowd. Locking eyes, for the briefest second, until the very next moment you divert that gaze away to the side. This is the game, the way things are to be played then that’s fine. Two, as has been said, can play any type of game that you’d like to define. You might hold the cards but I know this deck like the back of my own imagination.

From nowhere you appear right in front of me, daring me, braving your own confidence as you let the music take hold of your soul. With each beat, a new word, you start to express yourself by moving those hips of yours. Sexy, damn seductive, I almost break into a small smile but hold a card close to my chest. The legs on display, your legs, move with such ease to the beat within this room. I’d do anything to just break my pattern of action, to reach out, to caress, but that wouldn't be gentleman like. One must be invited to the party, to play in this type of ground, before making such a move.

Taking a sip of your drink, while looking over your sunglasses, into my very soul, you’re expelling the kind of confidence that’s making the people behind me turn to silence. You know that you have what it takes, every single ounce of woman within you ready to tempt, or is it that you simply don’t give a f**k about anything other than what’s directly in front of you. I don’t know but, what I do know, is that I cannot, no longer sit here watching you move the way you do.

Slowly, knowing exactly what move to make, I finally move from my seat, standing to attention, joining you within that dance that you’re showing. You really can move, making me wonder if it’s your body moving or your very soul controlling events. I know that you've a heart made of pure beauty but, when the dance is done, I still don’t know where you find the place that makes you do the things you do. Each move, each word, is pure temptation. Scolding, hot, temperature rising, almost cruel and sexy aura flowing over me. It’s difficult. It’s damn tempting.

We both start to move, finding a couple of seconds to gather the pace, that rhythm, both bodies moving in unison, union, the unique meeting of minds through the movements. From nowhere time starts to slow, the music fading into the background, as there’s only you and I in this room right now. Everything has faded, been erased, with the inches moving to millimetres between us. Never touching, never meeting, as this is what it’s all about. Tease, the temptation, the tantalising meeting of two people that know the wild events that will eventually arise.

Time slowed, the fever rising, the movements becoming smoother between the both of us as our bodies finally touch and my hand moves slowly around your side. My hand holds your back, ever so lightly pressing your body closer to mine, finally, at last, we've reached that level of awareness. Lips lock, press against each other, as your hand finds the back of my head, feeling, touching, expressing that desire that’s been building for the past few weeks. It had to happen, we knew it would, with tonight being that night where things finally move forward. You know, I know, we all know, that this dance better last all night. 

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