Wednesday, 28 August 2019


Jacob looked through the glass casing, wide eyed, full of wonder and intrigue. Eventually, one day within his future, the Crown of Crowns would be his and his alone. The majestic ideals of a mere child, with the excitement and honest innocence shining through his wondrous smile. His nose, being as naughty as it usually was, ever so slightly pressed against the glass. His eyes filled themselves with the view of the diamonds, spread across the golden surface. Magical.

Stepping back, ever so slightly, his inquisitive nature got the better of him as he asked the same question, he’d been asking for the last few weeks, “When will this be mine?” The guards, usually silent, carried on with their duties of standing very, very still, until, from the corridor, appeared his Uncle. Jacob adored his Uncle, the mystery of every single conversation, forcing his young mind to think of moments he might not have considered.

“Master Jacob, on this very day, I can finally answer your question. That is, of course, if you can answer mine?”

Jacob, throwing his arms around his Uncle, beamed from ear to ear as his imagination jumped into thinking mode. He loved the tasks that Uncle brought to his eyes and ears. He’d learned archery, staff fighting, sword play and more, whilst being mentally challenged by his Uncle’s wisdom of life. Each task, each moment, a chance to learn and explore, to acknowledge that any physical training required more than action, but thought as well.

“Uncle, what is the question?” asked Jacob, his small heart beating within his chest as he wondered. He, after all, adored the Crown or Crowns and wished to accept the gift without delay.

“My sweet Jacob, my ever-wondering Jacob. Are you worthy of such a gift? The Crown of Crowns?”

Jacob bounced from foot to foot, his innocence being of a boy that had not yet seen the world for what ii truly could be, which Uncle adored and loved. Uncle, of course, had been given the task of slowly bringing Jacob into the world, teaching him, guiding him, to ensure that he reached his teenage years with wisdom as well as the obvious wealth. Money meant nothing, to a man such as Uncle, without the knowledge and wisdom of what to do with such monies.

“Of course I am Uncle, it’s destined to be mine?”

Uncle shook his head, smiling as he did so. Kneeling, his face the same level as Jacob’s, he knew that the first answer would not be the correct answer. Power, in any shape or form, was a precious and dangerous force to hold within any person’s world.

“My Dear Boy, that is not the correct answer. Come back tomorrow. No words, right now, leave, think, return tomorrow at this time and you shall answer the question again!”

Jacob, with a fading smile, wished to say so many things, provide all of the cascading reasons as to why he felt that he gave the correct answer but, instead, he simply did as requested. This moment, his Uncle’s words, were to be held close to his thoughts. Any person could fire an arrow, aim to release the wooden artefact to bestow a consequence upon another, but the reason behind firing the arrow, was all that counted in the scheme of all great things.

Uncle watched as Jacob slowly, ploddingly, walked from the room. “The wonder of innocence” he said, being whispered under his breath.

The next day, Uncle waited, standing next to the Crown of Crowns. It’s elegance, understated, regal, filling his eyes with pride and fortitude. The grace at which a king wore such artefacts, had always filled him with pride. The splendour and magnificence of it all, enamoured him in ways that he may never understand. From around the corner, Jacob appeared, running with glee and certainty, “Uncle, Uncle, I think I have the answer!”

“Calm yourself Boy, relax your breathing and in your own time, clearly state which you wish to say!”

Jacob calmed himself, closing his eyes as he slowly breathed in through his nose, then out of his mouth. He could feel his heart, bashing against his chest, start to calm and relax. He opened his eyes and, slowly, started to speak.

“Uncle, maybe I’m not worthy of the Crown of Crowns. I am not. But I would accept such a gift without question!”

Uncle shook his head, smiling as he did so, “Return again tomorrow, young Man.”

Jacob looked thoroughly confused, almost annoyed, his mild anxiety appearing across his face. He, again, stilted his tongue with respect for his Uncle’s words. He’d thought about his answer for hours and hours. Barely sleeping, wondering and wishing for the correct answer to appear. Once again, despite his efforts, his gift was refused. Turning, slowly, he once again begrudgingly walked from the room.

The next day appeared, the hands of time reaching the desired moment, with Uncle once again standing in the very same spot. Today, he understood, would be a day of days. Uncle knew that Jacob had a keen mind, a solid mind, for such a youngster within a court of jesters, schemers and play artists. Jacob would be all he could be, one day, a day upon a calendar that would soon arrive.

Jacob appeared, again, walking hesitantly around the same corner. Uncle’s head tilted to the side, ever so slightly, as he wondered what was happening within this young man’s mind. It wasn’t often that he’d seen Jacob like this. Reflective, stilted, not quite sure of himself. Either way, the conclusion would soon appear.

“How are you today, Jacob?” Uncle asked with care.

“I am okay Uncle.” Replied Jacob.

“Do you have a suitable answer for me?”

“I do uncle, I do!”

“Then let’s hear it boy, time waits and awaits our decisions.”

Jacob bit his lip, as he looked down at the floor, starting to slowly speak. Uncle could tell that Jacob didn’t like the answer to which he had found but, thankfully, Jacob accepted the truth of such things.

“I am neither worthy, or unworthy, of such a Crown of Crowns. Gifts are given, accepted and appreciated. Especially one as precious as this.”

Uncle smiled a deep, caring smile, the lines upon his face showing his love and appreciation for such an honest and down to earth answer.

“Correct, my boy. None of us are worthy of such a gift, be it love from another, or a Crown of Crowns. To think that we are worthy of anything, is but folly filled with vacant grace. We must earn such things. We must earn the love of others. The Crown of Crowns signifies that you will be loved, such is a ring of marriage, but before you can truly appreciate such moments, each of us must prove ourselves to be worthy!”

Jacob smiled, as he’d finally found the answer, with Uncle’s words resounding within his heart and mind. “Will I ever be worthy of Love, Uncle?”

“My boy, we are worthy of our own love and, through the grace of actions and deeds, we may all one day be worthy, of the love of others. This, and only this, will keep you grounded. Earn, respect, appreciate and listen. This is the path to love. This is the path to being worthy, of the Crown of Crowns!”

Jacob jumped up and down, twice, his excitement once again getting the better of him.

“I shall try to be the best person I can be, Uncle, I shall listen, just as I listen to you!”

Uncle nodded, “Jacob… be worthy my Son, know your worth and be worthy!”

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