Saturday, 9 January 2021


I know, I do know. I’m about to type upon a keyboard, to use words and phrases that try to connect to you. I’ll give it a good shot, albeit probably not my best, but I’ll try, nonetheless.

There are, roughly, over seven billion people upon this very world at this second in time. We’re tall, small, medium and large. We’re round and we’re proud, the ying to another’s yang. We smile, we laugh, often cry and sometimes scream to the heavens above. We’re red, blonde, brunettes and sometimes somewhere in between. We’re living, breathing, thinking flesh covered machines and for that, I am glad.

There are billions upon billions of places within this world. Some dark, some dense, some magical and mostly beautiful. You can take a stroll upon a golden sand filled beach, to a solemn walk upon a French cobbled road. We can marvel at the barren arid deserts, as well as the tropical splendour of the forest filled adventures of the world and, for this, I am glad.

There are an infinitely diverse number of structures within this spinning planet. From the fantastically designed sculptures, taken from within the heart of a person, to the crazily manufactured, lob sided, monstrosities of another. The art of creation is the wealth and health for another, and, for this, I am glad.

There are over six hundred thousand words within the English language. The communication of the many, towards the few that we know and embrace within any given space and time. There are words to hold, to scold, the old, the new, the twisted and the true. Whatever we can imagine, we can describe, renew, pursue and make anew. We can express the deepest emotions, exclaim our love or describe our pain and, for this, I am glad.

There are so many moments, within each and every single day. We can take any of those moments, to show that we care, or even if we dare, to be something else. We can embrace, use our memories to retrace, the beauty created within every single one of those moments. The seconds, the minutes, or even the weeks and for this, I am glad.

There are chances for kisses within our expansive worlds. We can send a kiss to a person a thousand miles away, feeling and giving the care that another needs. We can feel the warmth of another, upon us, kissing and sharing the way they truly feel. Each kiss, precious, especially when given with the faith that the ‘one’ cares. We show, we know, we pucker, and we pleasure and for that, I am glad.

I know that I’m just one person, amongst the many, but I do have the fortitude to proclaim a certain belief. There might be billions of people in the world. The many places filled with thousands upon thousands of buildings. Within one of them, maybe many of them, I’ve kissed, and I’ve expressed myself the way many have done before. They’ve taken the moments, they’ve embraced them, held them against their hearts and used many a word to show the person what they are.  You see, no matter the people, the place, the building or the moment’s kiss, I’m just so very, very glad, that amongst all of the above, I’ve been privileged enough to have known… you. For that, I am more than glad, as glad simply doesn’t hold justice for the way I feel.

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