Monday, 15 February 2021


If there was one place upon this very world, that you could go to right now, where would it be?

Maybe you’d travel to an island covered in volcanic sands, the warmth upon your feet instilling the very calm presence that you need right now, as well as those tropically frilly presented drinks you like. Upon the island you’d meet a friend, that would teach you renewed adventures, and to smile that little bit more than you’re used to.

Maybe you’d visit that last remaining place within your dreams, the far away destination that has haunted your thoughts, and described your desires for the longest of times. Upon a marbled path, towards a mountain destination, you’d find your faith in humanity and scribe your very first and, possibly, last poem.

Maybe you’d fall away from society to become something that you’d always wanted to become. That saviour, the hero, the miracle masterpiece of magnificent majesty. The king or Queen upon the very cards to be presented within the gamble of life and luxury.

Maybe you’d gather the option of the streamlined adventure. The hilltop paradise, the crazy coloured sports machines, that thrust your thirst for adventure into the fast lane. The fancy clothes, that would never oppose your ideals of a perfect destination for your soul.

Maybe you’d spend a day with that loved one that had their time taken from them far, far too early. You’d embrace that person, you’d cry, you’d explain and exclaim all of the words and emotive gestures hidden deep within. You could then transcend the then, to the perfect, present of now.

Maybe you’d escape to a cave of angels, the time of such fantasy events that may, or may not, have ever existed. The transcendent epiphany, of knowing the very secrets of the world and race of humanity. Your eyes would widen, and your soul would find the enlightened choir of life itself.

Maybe you’d simply rest upon the biggest boat within existence itself. You could fish for your true meaning, embracing the silence, as your mind filled the sky with the wonders of every single word you’ve ever wished to scream at the top of your wishes.

Maybe we’d find each other and spend the week laughing about the how’s, the whys, the won’t and will of our existence. We could hold hands, then exclaim the madness of society and wonder of being blind drunk whilst naked and running through a field of corn.

Maybe you would close your eyes, to imagine your very heart resting upon your soft, working, weary fingers. You would listen, and it would whisper a story of how the world was transitory and that you should be as free as you can possibly be.

If there was one place within this very world of ours, that you could go to right now, where would it be? Or, honestly, would you simply, easily, just stay right where you are. After all, where you are is made from all of the places, faces, embraces and disgraces that you’ve been, seen, or been a part of. One life, one moment, one smile and more than one chance to visit wherever you choose.

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