Friday, 2 April 2021


Sandra opened her eyes, the groggy feeling immediately making her feel sick as well as disorientated. Immediately, as the ceiling started to focus into view, she heard the soft beeping of the medical machines around her. She’d seen the inside of many a hospital, so this wasn’t an immediate shock, especially as the last two times she’d managed to wake she’d been within a similar room. She blinked a few times, asking the fog within her mind to move away or, even, vanish altogether.

Pressing her hands onto the bed, she ever so slowly moved backwards onto the pillow. Her body felt stiff, as the tightness around her chest stopped her movements. To her side, sat a card with words written in red ink. The words simply said, ‘Dear Leftie’.

She reached across and gently picked up the card. She knew it was from him, her beloved ‘Rightie’. Slowly, she turned the card and lifted the flap. She removed the folded paper, unfolded it and turned to see the words. She started to read, knowing that she’d soon find out what had happened.

Dear Leftie,

Right now, you’re probably more than a little confused. I would be, but rest assured that I’m closer than you realise. I’m there with you right now, today and always. Maybe not fully in body, but in spirit and helping you each and every single day.

I hope that you’re okay, that your body is being kind to you, as over the last few days you’ve been through so much and you probably won’t ever know exactly what happened. Instead of giving you all of the details, which I’ll leave to others, I’m here to complete my life’s work. I’m here to give you the last two miracles that I said I would.

Miracle 1:

I know you remember ‘that’ day. I said that I’d perform three miracles for you, while we’re together or, even, apart. I usually stick by my word and upon the same day I stated my idea, I actually performed the first miracle of the three. Your face was a picture.

I kind of knew what I had in mind for two of the miracles, but upon the day you read this, you’ll realise that there has been three. Just to remind you, as I often do, I grabbed your water and ran off. With a giant smile, I returned with wine. Miracle number one was turning water into wine. The ultimate cheese filled miracle that only a woman like yourself would love and, speaking of love, we knew that we were right for each other from that very moment.

Miracle 2:

This miracle would be the hardest miracle that I’ve ever accomplished within my entire life. It will cause pain, tears and anguish, but eventually understanding will appear and you’ll hopefully accept my act for what it was… love. I love you with all of my heart and because of that, because I know that you will live on and bring life into the world, I’ve given you, literally, my heart. My heart beats slower than yours, which will hopefully bring you more time, more life, more moments to share as you move forward in the world. I know that you’ll be confused, but I will always be a part of you from this point forward. There was a choice, there were few options and I, unashamedly, chose to give my life for yours. This was miracle number 2. My life would have little meaning without you, so I chose, right or wrong, to always be a part of you.

Miracle 3:

When I met you, you had lost faith in the very meaning of the word, ‘love’. There are men that can make you laugh, there are men that can make you smile and there are men that will understand every single second of your life. Especially what you’ve been through. There are men that will hold your hand and weather any storm, instead of taking the easiest road away from the hard times. I’m the reminder, the person that chose to stand next to you through hell and high waters. You’re the reason why my own faith was restored. Standing next to you made me the proudest person alive. I had a reason to live and a reason, to leave. We can find a thousand reasons as to why we should die for someone, but you were the one reason for living. Please excuse my painful exit from your life, but as you know, I had to ensure that you stayed around for me to complete my miracles. This was Miracle 3. We both believed in something more than our single, solitary existence.

A bonus miracle would be for keeping my word.

Please promise me that you’ll not cry for too long. Please promise me that you will move forward with your life. I’m with you each step of the way. Each beat is for you. Each time you close your eyes you can hear me moving you forward. Please, promise me that you won’t break my heart. You are the only miracle that I’ve ever wanted, and I am more than I’ll ever be, when I’m with me.

You are my miracle.

Love, my heart, always.

P.s. Lefties and Righties together, forever, holding each other steady.

Sandra closed her eyes, knowing exactly what had happened. The pain within her soul ached for him. The understanding within knew what type of person he was and although it did hurt beyond any words or comprehension, she accepted the miracles. He kept his promise and that alone, was the best miracle she could ever have wished for.

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