Tuesday, 6 September 2016


There is a fire within me. I can feel it, simmering, suffering, expecting to be set free but, instead, it is contained and controlled. We live our lives, placid, serene, trying to make it through the day let alone the entire week. We’re no longer feral, not really free, as we’re contained and socially castrated by the media, people and friends around us.

There are moments where, when I'm supposedly caught off guard, the fire appears and burns bright. I've passion, a wealth of feeling, an emotion so strong that the heat can easily be felt but, as above, it’s castrated at the source. We, as people, make choices. We can feel, we can truly reach out a hand to embrace the people around us but, instead, we often hold onto our wishes. At other times we let the fire breath forward into the world with agony, tears, grasping for something else. We’re often not quite sure as to what we want, how to feel, let alone the way to express such moments.

I can feel the fire, bubbling within, taunting, thrashing around like a petulant child, asking for the same thing over and over again. But, instead of answering, I simply remain static and calm. A lifetime spent controlling emotion is one thing, denying your feelings is another, while ignoring your own soul is beyond idiocy.

I often feel the fire when engaging in conversation, embracing my feelings in order to convey a situation, a place, a person or feeling. Within a second I can feel happiness, great sadness, joy or even loss. It’s wondrous to be able to do such a thing but, again, that is mere folly compared to what’s really inside each of us. We can burn with such thoughts within our mind. We can light the room with our energy, the very aura of our lives, basking in the gracious moment of fire.

When your chest glows, when you truly feel the connection within your chest, be it to your heart, soul, or from a practical viewpoint, the very organs within you, you know that there’s a world of amazement out there. I choose to embrace my fire by writing. Seldom do people ask for my thoughts on matters unlike the years previous thus, as stated, my only voice is the voice of the written word. This allows a conduit, a passage, towards the fire within.

We, as people, must embrace our fire or die slowly. We work, we slave, we devour the hours towards our passing, from this world, with barely a flicker from our spark. Whom is to say that we should not engulf ourselves in our passions? Embrace, grasp, quench and let the fire flow through our veins like we’re the very source of power on this planet. Achieve, conquer, comprise our very path through this world. There may only be one person stopping the fire from within and you see that person each time you close your eyes. You’re there, within the darkness, fighting to endure your life, no matter if you’re happy, sad, lost or alone, life is still a fight. Grasp the fire, feel the emotion and strength push you forward.

We all have wishes, various plans, places to be, races to run, desires to be acknowledged and accomplished. Clench your fist, close your eyes, open the gates and feel… . You and you alone must succeed. Create the plan, see the endpoint, seize the objective and run. It might take years, a day, a moment of your time but once you know that you have that fire, you can become what you need to become. Even if, for the smallest of moments, you fail, the attempt is more than worth the thought of never having done what you really wanted to do. Failure is doing nothing. Failure is never an option as the attempt is a success no matter the outcome.

Light that fire within you, become more, feel the energy and increase the warmth around you.

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