Friday, 16 September 2016


It is cold, possibly quite a bold statement, but the words had to be sold to you this way. The truth, the very aspect of informing someone of their indulgence, their transparency to the world, is seemingly something of a sin. Dare you voice your concerns, hatefully imagining a world of truth, opening your voice to the ideals of how things vicariously are viewed.

At what point do we take a step back from where we stand? Lies are one thing. Cruel, vicious, slandering lies, that eat into our lives but they’re somewhat accepted by most. The truth, from the other side, is something that one simply must never speak. Am I this, am I that, should I be there or should I dare? Heaven help the soul that’s freed by truth.

As a youngster I was often taunted for being thin. I was then scolded by words with regards to acne. It took years, months, days of reflection to finally deduce that it didn’t matter what the outside stated to the world. My outside skin, the suit that I wear, doesn’t speak to me. It doesn’t calm me. It simply… is. I wear my skin each day, I stride and I might often bounce around, being silly as sin, capable of smiles amongst the trials. I’m me. The above is nothing new, maybe even considered normal, as each generation lives through the same cruelty.

Now, after all these years, I’m still confined, herded, into the crowd of men and women of the world. Heaven help me, save my soul, brand my skin, never let me be alive and let me go. I’ve never actually liked my looks, which is an honest answer, but I’ve come to terms with x, the y of the universe. I appreciate myself, I actually like myself, which is a rare event within this space.

We strive to be individuals, we want to set ourselves into a place filled with the space of our own importance. It’s natural, it’s safe, in a way, nothing out of the ordinary but the moment you smile, the lies start to form. In this place, set around you, there are people that are not happy. These people won’t admit it, even if they speak the words, as it’s often ignored in favour of self-preservation or the fear of actually doing something about it all.

The lies, from their lips, are disguised in a way. Each and every single time someone puts you down, stops you being happy, changes your willingness to be an individual, it’s a lie. Why do you do this? Why do you do that? That’s not normal? Normal is as normal can be which, to me, is absolutely boring. If a person is happy, with themselves, people need not bother to view you as anything other than whom you are.

If you’re thin, or have weight, with large or small ears, it matters not. Anyone that affords you the negative words spilled from their lips is a liar. If you’re not the same as that person, then there must be something wrong? Hardly. People being unhappy with themselves has bred hatred, wars, ignorance and pain. The colour of your skin, the eyelashes you wear, the shape of your lips, the size of a person’s hips, matters not. We’re all different.

There’s no room for lies in this world. Acceptance, tolerance, respect and smiles is all that we really need. We see a map, the next town over, we learn to dislike based on a name, a place, the lies spew forward and the bigots grasp their venom. We see this each and every single day by the media we watch, our friends and even our own parents. It’s instilled, passed forward and a learned response.

Stop the lies. Start with the truth. We all know what, where, who and probably why. We can hardly call someone this, or that, while actually being the other. To stop someone being happy, while being unhappy yourself, not quite satisfied with the way you are, is basically all a great big lie. Once you accept yourself, like yourself, even love yourself, you suddenly no longer care to put others down. Accept your own truth, embrace your own thoughts, realise that you, as well as the others that we sometimes slander, are nowhere close to being perfect.

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