Friday, 15 May 2020


Upon a godly given day, upon the moving of the sunshine into the provided scene, there exists two mountains that love each other. Each mountain, proud, pristine, the workings of the many years unfolding into the paths of life.

If you look closely, the paths look like scars, life lessons, upon the mighty scope of what you see before you. Each time, within every single day, each mountain has experienced so many, many emotions. They’ve both felt love, anguish, as well as loss walking upon them. Each path, each scribed destination remaining stoic. If you look closely, you can see the overgrown moments vanishing from life, from your view. They’re still there, forever, for another day, felt and furnished to define the workings of their lives.

There exists, somewhere, somehow, two mountains that wished to reach high into the sky. They towered, they bellowed, throwing their pain and suffering into the sky above as the very world shaped itself. They aspired, they dreamed, they settled upon their very form that has withstood the test of all times. No matter the footfall, the million and three footsteps, they still look upon their given surroundings with whatever emotion they can find.

Only me, only to you, they both look so majestic. Glorious. The highest highs. They are apart, forever, yet so very, very close. They’d hold hands, if they had such a function. They’d kiss, if they ever experienced the miracle of owning lips. They’d build a bridge, if they could just ask someone to make it for them.

They both exist, the two bastions of life and longing. So very far apart, yet together forever. That’s how I feel about each and every single person I know. We are all apart, we all have the capacity, emotion and bare-naked strength to overcome the division and distance. We are all mountains. We all love. We’re all so very far apart but we’re still standing tall. Climb me, climb each other, hold on, using each foot to reach the top of wherever we’re heading. There need not be a destination when the journey is the only moment that matters.

Upon a beautifully given day, upon the rising of the moon onto the presented scene, there still exists millions of mountains that love each other. Each mountain, amazing, perfectly broken, the memories of the many years making each of us… a mountain.

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