Thursday, 21 May 2020


There is something within the very core of all of us. Strength, survival, the very power to forge forward and do what needs to be done.

We deny, we trifle, whilst doodling our ideals and prospects into the very sand of our own beach. It’s transient, passing, the illusion that forces us to deny our very natures. We can stand tall, amongst the highest sculptures created by humanity, whilst being ground down to the very limit of our muscles and heart strings.

Strive, move, forge forward and evade all of the complications and escalations. There’s one path, one move upon the board of life, with those chess pieces being your very thoughts and feelings. Decide, flexing your cool ideology amongst the squadrons of people that adore you, as you also flounder amongst the scraps of life’s meaning.

You have the strength, the forward-thinking notions and emotions to overcome so much, if only you’d believe. You’re perfection mixed with the lines of life, thrust upon you by your own failings. You’re virtually watching yourself, learning, as the world hands each of us the very solutions we crave.

Rise, my friend, my comrade. Become, the fire and sustenance that we all crave. You are your own fuel. You are your own guide and shining light, within the darkness inflicted upon you by your very own soul. Move, dammit!  MOVE your damn soul into the fire of your heart strings. Play yourself, like the expert musician of words and meanings, that you know you can be.

I believe in you, I understand you, seeing you for everything you are and can be. I know you, feel you, appreciate you for anything and everything. You could be my hero, if I wasn’t so busy being just that for myself. You’re the guide that navigates the wind and the rain. You’re the silent voice that speaks volumes with the passing of a glance.

You are, what you are. You’ll always be this way as I feel your power. No room, no substance, can deny how you do what you do. You’re that magnificent coloured painting, that inspires and desires each and every single set of eyes, that look upon your words and emoticons.

Strong. That’s what you are. Strong. Even if you don’t believe it or see it, it’s there and one day, right now, yesterday and today, you’ll finally understand what my very atoms exclaim and proclaim.  You are… strong.

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