Friday, 12 April 2019

Eros 4

Eros opened the door with a smile, his heart still holding hope of recovery from the previous events. His love, above all, finding a way to survive. His smile fell, as his heart sank. Tiacapan stood in the doorway, head slightly down, her enticing eyes staring into his. His heart immediately lost control, his mind’s grip of sanity fell away, as he stepped back. No words could be found. He’d run, if he were not frozen to the spot.

“Aren't you going to invite me in?” She asked with her usual seductive charm filled voice. He was charming, possibly the most charming man upon the very earth he stood, but she, this woman of his, knew a level of charm that caressed the very lines of seduction. She didn't even need to speak, utter a word, to make any mortal man fall to his knees. She was the Goddess of sexual hunger, the desire, the very nature that filled man with their innate need to have. To take. To hold. To bathe within a woman’s warmth and need. She was the greed within, the longing without, the very notion of sexual expression.

Eros stood aside, as she walked into the apartment. The door closed as he turned, trying to calm his inner monologue that had suddenly sprung to life. His eyes wished not to see her, to witness the very woman that broke him, used him, then cast him aside. He was love, he was the feeling that kept all safe at night and hearts serene. She’d taken that love, taken every single second, used him, then lavished every inch that he could give. Again and again, over and over, the nights stretching to weeks. She broke him in a way that he could never recover from. His very soul, his appetite, not being enough.

Her hunger, endless. Her desire, the heat from which a man became nothing. He’d given her everything. He adored her very mind, body and soul and yet, at the end, she still hungered for more. Eros turned, resting against the kitchen top, as she approached him. His control failed him as his male eyes expressed their need to explore her body. She was sin. She was an endless pool of utter pleasure that his body ached for. He cursed himself, admonished his body for responding instantly to her very view. If he could, despite his inner objections, he would take her now and not leave until she begged for him to stop.

He shook his head, knowing that such a place could never exist. Her hunger would never be met by someone such as he. “What do you want?” he asked, defiance in his voice.

“I think you know what I want!”

Eros looked to his side as she stood right in front of him. She pressed her hips against his, her face so close that he could taste her lipstick.

“Didn't you once beg me for more, for this to never, ever end?”

“I did. But that was before you laughed in my face and took another!”

“Ancient history!”

Eros smirked, taking a wild look at her expertly presented chest. His thoughts, no longer his own, as her curse invaded his body. He could no longer walk away, even if he wanted to do so. She would always have control of him, a part of his stupid heart, especially his body. It ached for the pain and pleasure she’d inflicted upon him. He dared not close his eyes otherwise he’d fall into the abyss of pleasure.  He recalled the week where she’d chained him to a slab of rock, ridden him for days, where he’d reached his end over and over again, as she laughed.

“You broke me!”

“My beloved Eros. I thought love knew no limits?”

“What you did to me wasn't love and you know this.”

Tiacapan laughed as she pressed her breasts together, trying to look innocent, “Wouldn't you like to place your lips here… and here?”

Eros shook his head as she fell to her knees, his strength failing him. The Gods had power, not only over the mortals, but over each other and right now, her power was working more than he liked. She removed his belt, as his mind imagined her lips upon him, over him, teasing as they once did. The power of hunger, the desire to have, to be had, all far too much for him as his mind lost control.

She undid the first button and, just then, his heart skipped a beat as he recalled all of the events. She’d ripped his heart in two, scolded him, made him feel worthless and betrayed. His pure heart abandoned and forgotten. Sandra’s face appeared within his mind, the moment they’d shared but days previous, as his hand moved to firmly hold his jeans in place, “You will NOT have me again!”

His defiance angered her, as her face turned to one of evil intent. No longer would her hunger, the madness of desire, have a hold upon his heart. He did not want this, wasn’t even sure from the start, with this moment being the first time to break the events. As his mind thanked him, the apartment door opened, across the room, as Sandra walked in,

“I got your message to meet!”

Eros knew the trick that had been played. It was too late. He could say a thousand words and not one, not even two, would ever change the next few moments. She looked across the room to see Tiacapan on her knees, in front of Eros, rubbing her lips supposedly clean. Sandra composed herself, turned, then walked out of the door.

“Leave. Now,” said Eros, anger within his voice, “or I will make you leave!”

Tiacapan rose, the smile upon her face her prize from the moment of sedition. She’d won. Once again, her hunger for dominance had destroyed a part of him. She walked towards the door, a slow walk, an intentional walk, turning as she left the room to say a few final words, “In a few days I’ll return, and I will have you again. Until then, sweet dreams… lover!”

Eros grabbed the nearest item, throwing it at the door as hard as he could. The manipulation apparent. His heart once again lost in a free-fall of confusion, desire, hunger and longing. He would resolve this, all of this, even if it were the very last thing he would do. His words, his very next words within the world, would have to be ever so precise and impactful. He would not lose Sandra. This, to him, was certain no matter the nefarious plan of Tiacapan.

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