Sunday, 14 April 2019

Eros 5

Eros stood upon the mountain, trying to relax, unable to conquer the fears within his heart. Once again, his curse rising to face him, mocking him, knowing the very weakness he had to face. He truly did not know how to run from the very thing that would make him whole, complete, the God that he should have been many years previous.

He looked out into the valley in front of him, the serenity, the pure peace of Mother Nature embracing him. He missed the silence of the Gods. The days and months where he wouldn't see, let alone speak, to a living soul. Even the spirits needed time alone. He, on the other hand, only wished for the company of one other.

He would weep, truly cry, if his heart allowed such a thing to take place. He could not cry for the situation that he allowed to take place. He should have known. He should have acted. The very moment the door opened, and he witnessed her face, was the very second he should have abandoned her memory forever. He could not blame time, the moment, her cruel mind or even the Gods themselves. He, after all, was one of them. The ever-perfect Gods. Each one with the power to change destiny, each one with the chance of ever lasting life. They knew nothing, despite thinking that they ruled this mortal place.

Eros shook his head, disagreeing with some of his own thoughts, chastising the very events that brought him here, now, to this place. He’d sent the message, the simple message, asking to meet. This moment would prove to him, truly clarify his emotions, if Sandra appeared. He hoped that she would, despite the inner conversations stating otherwise, despite his faith wavering. The watch hand struck the moment and he waited. She was always on time, without question, a bastion of time keeping which he admired.

The moments escaped him, moving like the sand of time, as the world within his view continued to bustle. He watched the far-off people move. Their day knowing nothing of his struggle, his misery, or his loss. The mortals truly were free, to have and to hold, only defined by their own laws and ideals. From behind Eros, a car appeared, stopping a small distance away. Eros turned to see Jackson sat in the driver’s seat, with Sandra across from him. He smiled, his heart moving ever so slightly as the butterflies skipped within. He was not used to feeling such things, but enjoyed them, nevertheless.

The car door opened, further seconds escaping, with a conversation taking place within the car. Eventually, Sandra started the small walk towards him. Eros noticed her displeasure. He felt his heart fall, ever so slightly, but that was to be expected.

“Stop,” he said, raising his hand, “you must stay where you are until I have finished!”

Sandra, looking confused, said nothing. Eros looked at her, taking in her beauty, her lips calling to him, but no matter how much he wanted to hold her, to kiss her, it would not be allowed. He exhaled slightly, realising that he feared this moment. He, above all, could hardly be called a fearful God, but he felt the moment no matter the place or person. He started to speak in the only way he truly knew, with words of honesty.

“If you move any closer your thoughts will change. The way you look at me will change. All of the Gods are cursed. What makes us what we are, also binds us to certain ailments. My ailment is love. The people around me, close to me, cannot help but feel love. You might not see this as a curse, but it is!”

Sandra listened, wanting to hear his words, while not quite understanding all the events of the last few weeks. She wanted love, needed love in her life, but this was completely unexpected. She simply wished to be happy, the usual path, a partner with no drama or fuss. She’d stayed single for the longest time, ignoring the married men, the men that played and the men with issues. Then, from nowhere, this happened. She listened as he continued speaking, his beautiful voice, as well as his beautiful face, seeming earnestly honest.

“I know what you witnessed cannot be removed. But truly believe me, honestly, what you think you saw did not happen. It was your name upon my lips as I stopped her duplicitous moment. I thought of you. Only you as I held her away from me!”

“Why should I believe you?” she replied, frustration rising within.

“My curse is that I can feel you, your heart, every single beat, from here. I can tell when I’ve hurt you, with whatever words or actions I have made. I hurt you, in turn, I hurt myself.”

Sandra, looking pained, replied, “Then why ask me to come here?”

“Mortal beings are also cursed. Your emotions lash out, scold, damage and hurt. Out here, with just the two of us, I know that you came here because you truly do care. You do feel, for me. This… and this alone, is what I need and want. I no longer wish to be cursed! But what I need is nothing, as all that matters is what you want!”

Sandra stepped forward a few paces, “How can you expect me to be with you when every single woman wants you?”

Eros lowered his head, closing his eyes, knowing exactly what she meant, “Beauty is also a curse. The love of many for the one. Miss-placed, not required or wanted. I have realised that loving all, is too much. Loving one person, just one, is what I am supposed to do. I cannot live without that love. It’s what I was made for.”

Sandra stepped ever closer, wanting to bridge the distance, feeling his influence flow into her very heart and soul, “I can feel your love. It’s beautiful!”

“But it hurts… so much. I cannot live the way I have!”

“Then let me hold you. If you promise to love me then I will, with all my heart, love you!”

Eros fell to his knees, all of his Godly strength failing him, falling again to the dust from whence he came. His eyes wept, his sadness flowing from his soul as the clouds above formed. Sandra reached him, straddling him, wrapping her arms around his body. Eros lifted his head, looking into her eyes, his body shaking at the pain and suffering he’d hidden from the world. The eternity of pain finally broken, as the rain started to pour.

Sandra, placing her hand onto the side of his face, smiled. She had him. She would hold him and never let him go. She didn't even wish to understand the depth of his heart, as it was enough to feel his arms around her. She knew that he’d die before letting anything happen. She could protect herself, she knew this, but having him stand beside her would be the balance within her world.

Eros looked into her eyes as his heart ached. He nearly lost her, his abandoned heart trying to remain strong, as his nerves and guile failed him. He was not a man to mince his words, despite his charm and care for each of the mortals.  He’d fallen, again, for a woman. He knew the cost. He knew that he would watch her grow old, holding his hand, as her body weakened. He would keep her mind and heart young, filled with the laughter of love. Then, one day, she would leave him. He pushed the thoughts aside, then did what he should have done the moment she’d stepped from the car.

He kissed her. Every ounce of passion, love and desire went into the kiss. If he could break the world in two, to be with her, he would. Sandra felt the kiss, her entire body responding as he held her closer.
She started to giggle, as the kiss broke away, with Eros wondering what made her laugh, ”What?” he asked.

“Why is the rain red?”

Eros laughed, “That, my young maiden, is the colour of my heart’s pain.”

In the car, Jackson watched as Eros stood, with Sandra’s legs wrapped around his waist. “Damn. That dudes got some game!”

Eros, walking towards the car, knowing that he had an important task to take care of. He did not welcome the hours ahead, as he wished for another way, but he could no longer run from his fears or the viper within. Tiacapan would have to be dealt with.

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