Saturday, 6 April 2019


I hear you, often, always, knowing where you are. Surrounded by people, laughing, feeling, or at least trying to feel, I hear you. We can find freedom, hold that feeling, embracing that destiny that we’re assured will thrust us forward to another place. A better place. It’s the new ideal, it’s the promises of the people that wouldn't know your feelings if they tried, but it’s there, nonetheless.

I notice your laughter, the true test of a person’s inner calm. It’s a blessing, it’s a beautiful notion, but the eyes cannot hide the soul underneath from words that you speak, or the moments you show. The laughter vanishes, the feeling flows through you, only to hit the wall behind to fade into nothing. The sadness shows, the fortunes fail, the embraces long forgotten.

I feel, I know, I can appreciate, but I'm not there with you. I'm okay, being truthful, even though I know that you’re not. Emotions be damned, the heart of stone be the ruler of all, yet we simply do not have that luxury. You can be held, you can be kissed, you can become the tallest mountain or the wildest river, only to reach a place that stops you in your tracks.

You, yes you, are special. We’re all special, but you specifically, are just that little bit better than that. I've seen you, even known parts of you, forming that connection and purpose. I remember when you were happy, the smiles echoing through the windows of time, your very presence being one of wonder. I, we, all of us, enjoyed you. Felt the person you are. You, above all, deserve the world on a plate, served by the best waiters and lavish surroundings. You’re a princess, maybe a prince, or whatever we’re being defined as, on this very day.  No matter the name you will always be you.

I love you. Maybe in a certain way, less than that, more than this, but I still do. We all do. Even when the walls crumble and the stakes are raised above your head, we all truly know, that you can survive the perils of the world and the falls of humanity and life. I believe. I believe in you. Rise oh majestic person. I know that I'm being grandiose, making more of what is, but if that ensures a smile then so be it.

Smash the defined walls around you. Define something new, something else, even if it’s using the basic crayon surrounding your thoughts. Draw that path, create the guides, even if it’s a simple plan for the very next day. Jump up and down, go wild, be silly, make crazy your new thing and truly explore your own imagination. You’re your own comedian, artist, writer, poet and adventurer. As I've said, I believe. You are not defined by the person next to you and you never should be. You’re free to form your own opinions, faith be damned, or society scolded, as you can be all you can be even if it’s only within your own head.

I want to hear all of your jokes, all the words from your precious lips. I can even, maybe, hold your hand or carry you upon my shoulder. Metaphorically speaking, of course, as your soul is a damn heavy source of life. Come on, get up, stand up, be that tall person in your small world. I want you on your tippy toes, being silly, making faces, flexing and falling around like a fool. We always start off being so very, very heavy, yet inside we’re still that child and we miss that freedom.

I hear you, often, always, feeling where you are. Surrounded by your smile, expressing, knowing, that you’re more than whatever lonely feeling you have locked into your mindset. You’re never alone and you never will be. You’re that vibrant feeling, your someone’s butterflies within their stomach, you’re that secret crush, that smile upon a stranger’s face and the person that deserves so very, very much.

Now, stand up. Go on… stand up. Inhale, exhale, inhale again and speak the words… repeat after me, “I'm not alone. I will always be here for you. I love you, despite being silly at times”  Sit back down, close your eyes, as I need you to believe, to truly believe, that as long as the world has someone like you, just you, maybe even me, maybe even a few of the others, you’ll never, ever, not even for a second, feel… lonely.

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