Saturday, 2 November 2019


There’s a mystery, within this very world of ours. It’s neither a rhyme but maybe a reason, or even a small amount of treason, if you’d see the thoughts I’m thinking. There’s a mystery that I really, really wish to solve and maybe, just maybe, it’ll take every ounce of emotion that I can find.

There was a single, solitary day, when the weather outside literally roared its disapproval for all things. Heavy rain, vicious winds, the blackest storms and more. We were all hiding, within our places of rest, whilst I and others were simply being who we were. From nowhere you arrived, from the darkness outside, with but a view of your smile changing my thoughts forever.

Okay, stop, I know, I’m heading towards a place where you’d shake your head and start to laugh. Let me have these words, this moment, as this is part of who and whom I am. It’s that mystery, that holds my gaze. It’s the thoughts of how you are, that keep me interested. Riddle me a poem, or rhyme me a reason, and I’ll keep on looking in your direction.

There’s a certain order to all things, the statistical variances being that thin line between everyone, all of us, then you. You’re that variance, the even number out of all the people trying to be odd. You’re fitting in, without even trying. You’re holding my hand, even when you’re standing across the room. You’re whispering in my ear, the rudest most absurd thoughts, with the smallest of smiles in the corner of my eye.

I’m on that edge of forever, standing upon the precipice of life, wishing to only jump if that’s what you desire. Tell me a story and I’ll be captivated by those small little things you do. The way your lip curls, the phrases you use, all that individuality wrapped up within a soul of ages. This is what it’s all about. Staying young of mind, making each other laugh, kiss, smile and simply, easily, just being with each other.

This is life, our lives, the daily outcome being just as mysterious as the next. We live with boredom, we seldom feel excited or enthused with fire, but that’s why we’re here. We’re so caught within specified boundaries, constrained, confined, but ever so willing to become more.

The freedom we perceive is seldom as such. The walls and lines, all around, provide bonds and often removes balance from our lives. It’s us against them, it’s the left against the right, or whatever seems fitting within this weekly filled news. None of that matters, as that’s not a mystery at all. It’s you and I, embracing the world together for as long as we possibly can.

I’m never going to ground a spirit as free as yours. You’re meant to fly, to scramble, to find the highest mountain top and fly. Spreading your wings as far as the eye can see before you soar around the moon. I know that my words are fantastical, but that’s the adventure you bring out from my weary eyes. I’ve seen so much, heard as much, with the silence you bring being the most effortless magic I’ve ever found.

This lifetime, the place we’re heading, is made so much more when we’re taking each other along for the ride. To me, to my heart, soul and lips, you’re that mystery that I’ve always wished for. I never want to figure you out, as that, to my lightened heart, would simply never do. I need that mystery

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