Monday, 27 January 2020


Daniel closed the hotel door, softly, as to not disturb any other residents. He was here, again, this type of place, the setting and location that was starting to tire him. For once, if he was honest with himself, he’d prefer to take things slowly. He looked at her legs, as she placed her small handbag onto the side table, realising that some things were always going to happen, no matter the intention or idiotic notions within his head.

Flesh. Skin. The enticing quandary to which he, obviously, found himself over and over again. To have, to hold, to forsake the ritual of actually getting to know someone, presented itself once more. He calmly walked along the small corridor, with the bed sitting slightly to his right side. A few seconds moved and she appeared, from the bathroom, resting onto the edge of the bed. She stretched her legs out in front of him, crossed, as she looked at him with a smile. She knew exactly what she was doing, especially after the hours of conversation over the few dates.

He knew what the smile meant. It asked him, commanded him, teased his resolve and injected the naughtiest of thoughts into his head. He really, really did want her. He placed himself against the small desk, intended for a suitable laptop, immediately across from the bed. Looking at her, remembering the conversations they’d just had, he realised that she could actually be someone that he’d want more from. A strange notion, seeing as his emotional state usually involved feeling next to nothing.

They’d talked, for hours, the hands of the clock spinning. She’d flirted, expressing her intent, which become especially obvious as they’d kissed when scaling the 10 floors within a small lift. She felt right, her lips upon his, his arms holding her close. He had to take this slow. No more would he allow someone that he actually liked, to entice him into a situation that moved far too fast. She stood up from the bed, with her amazing smile, as she stepped forward. She pressed herself against him, hip to hip, his body immediately asking for him to respond. It would be easy, it would be an obvious solution, to simply have her. Take her. To feel every single part of her body against his.

He denied such notions. This would not, could not, simply be the way forward. Daniel kissed her, his soft lips moving with ease, across hers. He loved soft kissing, expressive kissing, the moments meaning more than some thirst filled, heavy breathing episode. There’d be time for that later, if there were to be such a time.

“What do you want?” he asked after removing his lips from hers, as his eyes softened.

“I think that’s obvious!” she replied, running her hands up the side of his thighs.

“No, not that. What do you really, really want?”

She lowered her head slightly, her smile escaping for the smallest of seconds. Daniel did not expect an honest answer, as it was quite a vague question, with many possible replies. She was perceptive, intelligent, quirky, despite her own opinion of herself being beautifully modest. Her smile returned, knowing, realising, exactly what he meant by asking such a question.

“Everything!” she said, with her voice almost breaking at the absolute weight removed from her heart, for the smallest of seconds.

Daniel smiled. He smiled the biggest smile he could find.

“Then let’s have everything!”

He placed an arm around her back, the other lifting her as he moved to the bed. Gently, he lowered her onto her back and kissed her. This time, it was with increased feeling, an earnest kiss, a wanting kiss that exclaimed his thoughts and motivations. He stopped, moving from the bed, as he turned to slowly run his fingers up her beautifully presented legs. She moved her head to the side, enjoying the feeling of his warm hands against her skin. He wanted her, with every single part of his body as well as, possibly, his connective emotions. He would never fall for anyone with ease, let alone the woman in front of him, which meant that he needed to hear her answer. He, simply, protectively, would not allow such a thing to happen.

As he moved past her knees, he slowed, testing, teasing, asking for her permission to continue with pure silence. His hands moved under her dress, slowing, knowing exactly what he wanted to do. She looked into his eyes, her red lips wanting him to kiss her again. He found the lingerie, his fingers gently pulling downward, away from her. A second moved as they kept eye contact.

Removed, free, he denied himself the pleasure of doing what his body screamed for. Instead, he followed a different path, as he placed his head between her legs and joined his lips to hers. Tasting, kissing, he teased. He listened to her expressive sounds, as her body responded to the feeling being presented with his kisses. Each one, each touch, asking her to enjoy every single second. He slowed his teasing, he relaxed his movements, as he knew exactly what he had to do.

Slowly, immediately, he found her with the tip of his tongue. With the softest, slowest movement, he gently moved up and down. He watched as she grasped the bed sheets, her hips ever so slightly moving with the flow of his touch. Her breathing, now shallow, could be heard over her obvious satisfaction.

He continued with the movements, the rhythm, the tempo, being kept so very, very controlled. Barely touching her, up, then down, he could feel her rising pleasure as the seconds vanished. Again and again, he moved over her, against her, just barely touching. The tease within the meaning, ensuring that she reached that certain place. Her hips raised ever so slightly from the bed, as her stomach moved up and down. He pressed his tongue against her, just a little, as he increased the speed. Her mouth opened, as she let go of the sheets, her body giving in to the feeling that had risen within her.

Daniel stopped, rising away from her, content with what had just happened. She lifted herself from the bed, her hair across her face, as she brushed it aside. She pulled at his belt, as Daniel stopped her, kneeling. He smiled, as a slight amount of confusion appeared upon her face.

“Hey, there will be time for that, “ he said with a calm, caring voice, “I’m not here just to sleep with you. Not going to happen tonight. We have to be honest with each other, no secrets, just honesty. Can we just chat?” She nodded, content with the idea that his words meant something, the clarity actually being something refreshing.

She’d asked for everything and, to Daniel, that meant that they both needed to be honest with each other. Two minds would only ever work together, if they understood each other’s motivations, desires, needs and wants within their own worlds. He wanted her to mean more than two people connecting physically, he needed her to give him everything and, in order to do that, he also had to give her absolutely, completely, without hesitation… everything in return.

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