Monday, 30 September 2019


Paradise, that indefinable place that’s different for all of us, is the worth to which we aspire and welcome. From the very moment we’re born, we’re shown the way of the world, the words to use, how to act and what to aspire for. It’s the knowledge, the wisdom, the desire and more, that’s bestowed upon us generation after generation.

For some, holding a hand can be the only paradise that they’ve secretly wished for, fought for, cried for and bled. Such a simple little gift, the smiles returned, the moments that burn, in our hearts and minds, as a reminder that the warmth of another can keep all of the fears, further tears, at bay until that final day.

For others, there’s the desire for wealth, that stealth to somehow be above the others that surround you each and every single day. It’s a silent desire, as no words need be spoken as you drive that extra special car, to that resort or place that overlook so very, very much. The fine wines, the grand designs, all there for the taking if the world would just give you, I, them and us, a simple easy chance.

For the many, or should I say the few, as we truly do not know, there’s another form of paradise. Silence. To hear no other voice within their mind, the pure ecstasy of silence. Pure, refined, the lifelong struggle to calm one’s inner self. The rampaging and ravaging words that seldom offer relief, the nasty, submergent, notion that some how you’re simply, easily, not that good enough. The air you breath, a gift, that you barely even register as you push your own head into the dirt of life.

For the global love within all of us, there’s the small patter of feet. The baby, or puppy and cat delight, filling our world with love’s abundant life.  Each throw of a ball, each nudge of a hair filled paw, or the laughter of a child’s heart can remind us that we’re not alone. No longer, no more, as we’re with a purpose and live forever more for that one ideal. It’s beautiful, it’s wondrous, living for another life upon this very world.

For me, at this very second, there would be no other greater paradise than every single person working together. I’d ask us all to forget the lines upon a map. To forget the wars, the arguments, the petty colour lines and the temperature of our skins, as that’s just one of those things that hasn’t changed since the dawn of humankind. I would strip the wealth from the world, the garments, the expensive jewels and abandon false idols. The solitary notion that, to advance, we’d have to work together, to improve, would be the only fashion to which I’d weave. I’d crush the combustion chambers to which we bind our lives, instead looking to the very sunshine that brightens our days and lips.

But that, above, is just a crazy notion of a paradise that can never, ever happen. Instead, as a fall back, I’ll just accept that the only paradise that I would achieve would be the hand of another upon mine. That’s achievable as, just in case we’re still not on the same page, it would take a worldwide catastrophe to change our ways and even then, it would be an impossibility. Paradise, for all of us, will have to wait until the very day we realise that our next lives, may not even exist. Heaven help paradise upon this very world as it will never, ever, arrive within my lifetime.

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