Sunday, 31 December 2017


10 best laid plans, the events, the things that we were all supposed to do in the year 2017. It’s too late, the time has gone, the moments left behind like a worthless dream. There were no actors or actresses, no finished plans or scripts. All just a memory.

9 more hours to go, or would that be minutes, at the moment that you read this. Nine more chances to make a list, to think of things to say, or even do, in the coming year.  The nine months before this day have now vanished before your very eyes.

8 moments of magic, or maybe even a few more than eight, will hopefully have taken place in this year and space. We’re about to have 365 chances at magic which makes eight, more or less, seem like a wasted opportunity. Then again, if you’re like me… each day IS magic as I'm still here.

7 places to visit, this year or the next? Life is a journey so maybe, next year, you and I will get to see those seven fabulous places that we swore we’d see this year. There’s no excuse, other than time or money, but it’s amazing what we can achieve when we put our minds into something.
6 saving words that calm a friend, were spoken this year. Obviously, those saving words were surrounded by other letters, additional text, that wasn't really required. We care, we love, we really should help, as that’s what makes life special.

5 more chances to spend time with you, next year, which will hopefully extend to far, far more chances. Life is precious, an unknown quantity, drip fed a day at a time. 2017 was a difficult year, with people missing from my heart, never, ever, to return. If you’re in my heart you better had realise that you’re there to stay. If you need me… you've 365 new chances to say hello. Make them count.

4 moments of failure, with maybe more that I've forgotten in the last year. I'm often one to not be too forward, or take opportunities when I should. I try to respect everyone, which means I'm stationery, dependable, even though I just want to go wild. Be crazy. It’s a blessing and a curse. Here’s to a fresh set of chances to go crazy… No regrets.

3 is the odd one out, no matter where you are. Let’s not be defined next year. We’re not this, not that and never going to be the other. Boundaries be damned. Definitions be thrown away. We’re supposed to be individuals even if we’re wearing, or driving, the exact same thing.

2 more chances to apologise. It’s never too late and, in this day and age, can be done without even showing your face. A simple text, a quick reply, a moment’s thought and we can hopefully move forward.  Take the chance. Be brave. It’s not pride stopping the apology… it’s fear of admitting. Go on, admit it, apologise if needed.

1 more second remains. That’s it, done, finished, 2017 has gone and now, right now, before the New Year’s lull embraces us, take the day to plan, the strategy of your life. We don’t need to pick any single day to be something we've always wanted to be, but the start of 2018 is better than nothing at all. It’s not going to be easy, as change never is, unless you don’t need change. But, saying that, we need growth. We need accomplishments no matter how small.

0 excuses. Be and do what you've always wanted to do and be.  It may take time but, if you believe, then of course, I believe in you and what you can do.

Happy New Year.

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