Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Jack - Bunny Fun (Part 3)

Jinx, along with Pine, shot down the hill at an impressively naughty speed while sat on top of a large slice of tree bark that they’d found. With expert skill they moved ever so slightly left, or right, to avoid various stones and trees. To a novice sledger this type of environment would be a hazard, even dangerous, but to these naughty Elves it was just another day in the snow.

As they reached the bottom of the hill, in perfect sight of the Rabbit’s warren, they jumped from the makeshift bark sledge and did a quick check of their reserves, “How much candy did you bring with you Jinx?” asked Pine, ready with his list after Jinx had finished,
“I brought along two sticks of rock, 10 large sweets, a bag of gobstoppers, a selection of liquorice and a great big cola bottle!” exclaimed Jinx. In turn Pine relayed his list,
“I brought along one stick of rock, 4 large sweets, an extra large bag of gobstoppers and an extra amazing fizzy cola bottle. Large.” Their eyes widened at such a selection of candy and without even asking the question, they both shouted, as loud as they could, at the exact same time,
“Eat them all!”

Happy with their rapid eating of candy, as well as the sugar frenzy required by the scary downhill sledge event, they carried on their way.  They’d often visit the Rabbits, on one of their adventure days, so today wasn’t much different than any other adventure, other than the strands of hair required. As they approached Jinx stepped on a twig and, from over a small bank of snow, Noel, Holly, Robin and Angel’s head popped up with twitching noses. Happy to see each other they all started jumping around, rolling in the snow, becoming thoroughly exhausted. As the calm arrived, Holly, the main bunny, hopped over to the elves, “Good to see you both!  What do we owe this visit, other than to be naughty or fill the entrances with snow like last time. It took an hour to find the entrance!” Pine laughed, knowing that they’d find their way home,
“Good to see you too,” said Jinx, “We’re here to collect some bunny fur for Jack! Is it just the four of you?”
“Yes. Bowser, Snuffle, Sneaky and the other 20 are away for a Christmas Carrot disco,” said Holly.
“It would have been great to have seen everyone but, as always, we’re up to no good and need that fur!” replied Jinx.
“Snowball fight you for it?” Said Robin the bunny, jumping into the conversation.
“You’re on!” shouted Pine with excitement building.

Seconds later Pine and Jinx, standing behind a snow wall, built their ammunition made from the surrounding snow. Over in the other corner, a few meters away, Noel, Holly and Robin also prepared their snowballs. Angel stood, just off to the side, making sure that everyone followed the rules.

“Before we start may I state that there shall be no cheating, nothing naughty, just normal snowballs. No giant avalanches, no rapid-fire inventions or any mischievous deeds at all. Understand?” Said Angel as everyone nodded. With a nod the carnage began.

As the snowballs started to fly Jinx, being a master of all things snow, took aim with his very first shot. He measured the wind strength with a sticking out tongue, the weight of the snowball already in mind, he took aim and fired. He looked on, with glee, as the lump of snow flew through the air at a slight angle. As it started to change direction, towards the ground, it hit Robin, at full force sending her rolling backwards into the snow. Spluttering, with her nose and ears full of snow, she walked off towards the side of the area. It was now two versus two. Elves against bunnies. Fur against naughty.

Holly’s snowball smashed into Pine’s hat, as Jinx answered back with a volley of snow. The game continued for the next ten minutes. All having the greatest time in the world until, finally, the winner was announced. Jinx and Pine, of course, had won and they dropped the remaining ammunition and walked over to Angel. “Well done,” announced Angel, “which means that you can now have your prize of fur!” At this, Angel, who had collected the fur from the corner of their Warren before the match started, handed over the fur. Both Jinx and Pine jumped for joy but, before Angel could say anything further, she watched as both Elves ran off faster than she could think. Shaking her head, with a great big smile, she knew that although they were naughty, the Elves surely did have hearts of gold. 

“Happy Christmas Jinx and Pine,” Angel shouted, “Happy Christmas!”

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