Wednesday, 6 December 2017


The music flowed through the air, soothing, sending calm vibrations into the dimly lit room. He knew, he literally tasted the music in the air, and felt its embrace as he walked across the room to the decanter.  Lifting a Glencairn glass he poured the exquisite Macallan whiskey and, as the aroma rose into the air, he savoured the experience and sipped. Slowly, tasting, feeling and ensuring that the pleasure reached his inquisitive mind.

Satisfied, aware that there were other pleasures in this lavish room, he placed the glass back onto the magnificent wooden cabinet and walked across to the Plume Blanche sofa. Running his fingertips across the soft fabric, which, above all things, featured a diamond encrusted setting, he smiled. With closed eyes, he let it fill his senses. He started to laugh while whispering ‘Magnifique’, to himself.

He was born, all those years previous, with a sense above others, a knowing, an innate longing. It started, slowly at first, like a flame wishing to roar, threatening to whisper words of desire and need. He’d sensed it, even talked about it at an early age, wishing and wondering about what he was experiencing. Knowledge, after all, could be a pleasurable endeavour. What you know, how you think, could design your life into a perfect state of order or, even, complete chaos if decided upon.

Opening his eyes, feeling his mind move from place to place, taking in the scene with unprecedented speed, he knew exactly what he liked and ensured that he would have it. Everything. No matter the cost, would be experienced. As a child, on the first day that he’d held silk, he knew that he had to experience everything life had to offer. He never struggled, as he knew his vices, his requirements of life, which meant study and placing himself in the right place, at the right time.

Money, that one thing that many desire, became such an easy commodity to acquire. It bored him, it held little value, as there was always an endless stream to be made. It never stopped, the pursuit of wealth, to which he decided to leave to a selection of others. He held a watchful eye but, after figure x, or even y, it held little worth.

He recalled the first time that he was truly upset, the first real time that he’d experienced real mental pain in his young life. His pet, the family dog, had passed away after living such a good life. He’d seen to this as it was his duty to ensure happiness for others. It hurt all the way to his very core, his beliefs, but this was life. After this moment, that one instance, he protected himself. Happiness, to him, had to stay stable. It was an absolute necessity. Pleasure, on the other hand, was the most important fact within his thinking.

Be it food, the finest wine, the lavish clothes or the latest accessory, he would experience it all. Maybe he was lacking something, some crazy chemical in his mind, or maybe he was far more attuned to touch and the aura of things. He needed to feel, to envelop his life with all good things. He’d worked damn hard, exhaustingly hard, which many simply did not see, so he deserved what was in front of him.

Looking back to the Whiskey, leaving the sofa to sit in its place, while touching the fabric on his Alexander Amosu Vanquish suit sleeve, he looked at his Audemars Piguet Royal Oak watch. It was nearly time. The greatest experience, he’d ever experienced, above the fast cars, the luxury apartments, the visits to the most aural locations in this world, was about to arrive. He’d always held his guard, for many, many years, as he didn't want to fully embrace his desire to feel with another, to touch, until a year ago. He knew that he had a weakness, a method to his inner madness, which he’d felt while taking a lover, or two, maybe even three, if he felt like it, but on that one very solace filled moment, he let his eyes become his soul, his wiring cross, his pleasure capacity finally letting go and falling.

The greatest pleasure, the most intense experience he’d ever had, ever felt, ever desired, was, above all, you.

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