Monday, 6 August 2018


He stumbled, afraid, while placing a hand onto a library book stand. He had no idea what was happening, why it was happening, which resulted in the mild panic currently running through his veins. He could feel his heart pounding, literally wanting to break free from his chest, as he closed his eyes for a brief moment. Trying to find calm, telling himself that it would be okay, he started to control his breathing.

Opening his eyes, the room still spinning, he looked at his hand to see it burning. Literally burning. The flame, albeit small, covered his entire hand. As he lifted his other hand, also covered in increasing flames, he noticed that the book case had started to also burn due to his hand holding tight. Letting go, he made a guttural noise, the panic now fully in control. Stumbling backwards, into view of everyone in the main section of the library, he turned to see everyone suddenly stop. All not quite sure what they were seeing.

He lifted both of his hands into view, as the flames started to eat away at his clothes, with people in the distance starting to record with their phones. The typical society as he knew it. Two staff members ran over with fire extinguishers, blasting him as quickly as they could with the dry powder. At first it worked, a small little moment of hope returned to his mind but, as he blinked a few times, he watched as his hands again caught fire.

All his hopes, all his dreams, never witnessed, never actually being followed, quickly flew into his mind as his panic turned to tears. He fell to his knees, as the tears flowed. He thought of all of the moments he’d missed, the places that were presented to him, the seconds where he could have truly done something, but instead he was here. A student for life, never really amounting to anything, but still he’d held hope that he’d eventually manage to be more. Do more. Become more. With each tear, the fire grew. It didn't hurt. It didn't destroy his skin, as it instead simply engulfed him.

He could feel the intensity grow, with each passing second. The viewers had now moved closer, with their phones, making sure that they recorded every single second. The two people trying to help had stepped back, making the important phone calls asking for help. He wasn't sure if anyone, or anything, could help him at this point in time but at least someone was trying.

The last remaining scrap of clothing burned itself away from his body. Now completely covered in flame, his view obscured with the glowing red taint, he lowered his head, stopped crying and accepted that he was, at least, still alive. Maybe there was some rational explanation for what was happening. Maybe it was an optical illusion, someone playing a sick joke, as that’s what a lot of people liked these days. But, just maybe, this was real. This wasn't going to go away.

As his hope started to dwindle, to fade, the library doors opened and the small crowd stepped aside. Their mouths fully open, shocked at the sight in front of them. Four people, also covered in flame, walked towards the one kneeling on the floor. He raised his head slightly, seeing them approach, his heart nearly stopping as his mind failed to understand what was happening. Three of them stopped as the fourth walked up to him, kneeling, as she smiled, “Hello,” she said in such a calm soothing voice, “I know that you’re very scared right now, but everything will be okay!”
“What’s happening to me?” he asked, the fear apparent in his trembling voice. Her smile deepened, assuring him, relaxing him ever so slightly.
“You’re becoming something else, something new. You’re one of us and you always have been.”

She reached over, slowly, placing her hand into his. His head jerked backwards as the images flew into his mind. He saw distant planets, a world of flame, destruction, escape, a new life, a new beginning within another form. His breathing calmed as the images faded away, understanding everything. They were meant for a higher purpose, an existence of perfection, despite not actually amounting to anything within this world up until this very second.

They both stood, her hand still holding his, both now smiling. They were sparks, elements, sent here thousands of years previous, living within the new born children of this world, until the very moment where they managed to grow, to find the energy to emerge. They meant no harm, no destruction or loss of life, remaining dormant until a consciousness accepted them. He’d lost all hope, he’d amounted to nothing in this world, his anguish sending him to a place of new destruction, the destruction of ending his own life knocking at the walls of his heart and soul. He’d given up, simply wishing to become more, which sparked this change.

“What will we do now?” he asked with joy rising within his soul.
“We shall wait, gather the others, then feed the dying sun with our lives and live forever.”
He smiled again, knowing that right now, within this moment, his entire life had waited for this second. Through fear grew the realisation, the fire bellowing within him, thundering energy, meant that he willed this change. Unknowingly. He’d not let the world destroy him. Devour him. The endless lonely moments, forged the change, created the fire within. Where there is hope, he knew, that there would be fire.

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