Friday, 31 August 2018


She sat on the boat, her feet feeling the wooden surface, that was now covered with mildew. It felt odd, seeing as she’d normally only remove her shoes in a warm house but, on this occasion, it seemed natural as all she wanted to do was feel. Feel the boat, feel the moment and feel the emotions that violently threatened to overwhelm her. This moment, right now, didn't help matters.

It had all happened the year before, on a day, unlike today, that featured sunshine and warmth. They’d been friends for a while, chatting, messaging, the usual social engineered methods that kept people apart more than together, in person. It was all too easy and, thankfully, on that very day they’d managed to find this peaceful lake that they’d spoken of many, many times. The bees buzzed through the air, the flowers glistened, enveloping the very essence of how she felt. She was free, feeling so amazing, with the grass feeling so very soft under her toes.

Her new friend was charming, adventurous, the type of person that she actually would have liked to have been. But, with life, they were the bricks that fitted together ever so well, which is what she wanted, but that was soon to be decided. She took a chance, a momentary spike that overcame any fear that she might feel, reaching out and a hand was held within hers. It was beautiful, almost emotional, but all she really felt was the smile upon her lips. It was happening, it might have to be, which is when they both decided to take a boat ride.

Paying the boat master a small sum of money, they both climbed into the boat, carefully, as falling in right now might have spoilt the mood. Pushing away from the small wooden stand, they drifted. They talked, they laughed, they exchanged the stories that one would wish to explore and looked into each other’s eyes in a way that signified the world ending in any single second.

Closer, a small bit closer, the laughter still moving their minds and embracing their hearts, they both suddenly stopped the words escaping into each other’s mind. Their breathing halted, the world paused, the sounds around them fell silent and she moved forward placing her lips onto hers. Feeling the soft skin, her lips against her, made her mind and heart free fall. Moving, gently, ever so softly, feeling each and every single moment, she felt Susan’s hand against her cheek and the fingertips slowly move to her neck.

Trembling, she moved back to look into Susan’s eyes. The stillness carried forward. No words. They embraced again until she decided to sit back onto the rear seat. Holding hands, emotions peaking to new levels, her body wanting more, her heart demanding everything, with her mind trying to control two unruly entities.

She didn't want to say it, she didn't wish to feel it, but she’d fallen quickly. Even before this moment she knew what she wanted and the woman in front of her, was just that. Some would call her an idealist in the day of fleeting romances, some would call her silly, but she’d simply call herself someone that simply wished to love. Kind words, loving touches, a hand to hold and that’s all she’d beg for, in life, from another.

Then, from nowhere, the seconds became a mystery as it was all stolen away from her. Returning to the present day, replacing the memories of the year previous to look across the lake, she finally recalled the words that were blurted out before her. The boat that she was sitting in, right now, was the same boat from the previous year. She ran a finger over their initials and the heart that they’d inscribed into the wooden plank.

They’d only just met, exchanging so much, yet on that day she was told that her affection would be miss-placed as the woman in front of her was moving away. Another country. At first she thought that it could work, that long distance adventure, but this would not be the case. Susan had already planned to marry a man, a man that wanted children, the life, the house, the usual, which meant that in this case, this moment, Susan’s small freedom would not last. She’d wanted to scream, to run away, but instead she was there in the middle of a lake. Quickly, from nowhere, she gathered her thoughts and expressed her understanding. It was not meant to be. It was a friendship to stay just that.

Sitting on the boat, the small boat that seated two, she looked out into the lake and smiled. There were moments of great happiness in life, excitement, heart stopping amazement and, on that day the previous year, this very boat witnessed a moment just like that.

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