Thursday, 23 August 2018


Somewhere, somehow, there’s a river within that soul of yours. I know that I’m caught, within the waves of your affection, but that doesn’t mean that I want to escape any time soon. I’m here for the journey as, when you’re not around, I miss you so very, very much.

I've been living my own life, coasting, cruising, within the wonders of the very world we love and need. I need for nothing, needed by a few, missed by no-one, realising that I'm but a speck within the world. I'm happy, I'm okay, smiling at the mysteriously silly things that people do, say and feel. You were far away, over there, walking within the river or your own making. Then… .

You appeared, you arrived, with a smile to light the room, the words of wonder and the lips that have kept me awake all through the night. Within my dreams I've explored you, known you, seen you, vulnerable and mighty all at the same time.

I’ve built a raft from moments. The seconds you've spent with me, defined with me, realised within me, have created a model to sail your very seas. This raft, this rickety creation, needs to move with you, embrace you, to explore your soul. You have a wise soul, a soft soul, with damaged edges but the core, the very life of you, is a wondrous explosion of life. You can see that wherever we go, whomever we meet, you express the warmth that calms and soothes. I'm the special one, the lucky one, as you hold my very hand within yours.

When your smile is no longer here I feel my heart start to crumble, breaking each and every single time you close the door, despite knowing that you’ll return. It’s silly, it’s almost tragic, that a single and solitary figure can become so attached. It’s a true fairy tale involving a white night, the various castles of life, the queen commanding and deserving of affection.

Whenever I close my eyes I can feel you, that soul, caressing my face, touching my lips, wanting to become ever closer despite there being no space between us. This what it feels like to have two souls, bonded, together, possibly forever, the way that works within our lives.

From the top, middle, as well as the bottom of my heart, soul to a soul, my soul thanks, loves and adores you.

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