Saturday, 25 May 2019


Ezmi stood in the middle of the room, looking at him, as he slowly paced around her. She’d seen him, earlier in the night, knowing him to be the one. She enjoyed that late night snack, but this, was going to be something special. She could smell his beautiful body from where she stood, feel his skin against her tongue, tasting him upon her. She was going to enjoy every single second.

Slowly, seductively, she reached behind her to pull down the zip that held her dress against her. He smiled, stopping, to face her.  She loved the tease, seeing them all worked up, wondering what she would be like. She adored and embraced all of it as, truthfully, she just loved to play with them.

The dress fell from her body, pushed away by her leg, as she removed her lingerie. Naked, exposed, the purity of skin displayed for him to see, feel and have. She could see his entire body respond, sensing his heart racing, the life blood pumping, ensuring the correct response.

“Now you,” she said, knowing that he would surely comply to such a request. If you were going to play, then you had to play along. This was, and always would be, her rules. He threw his clothes to the side, a hurried spectacle, ending with him also being naked. Her eyes looked him up and down, taking in what he had to offer her. He was spectacular. Strong, defined, shaped just the way she liked and, right now, she just wanted to bite him.

She loved the way men tasted. She liked them to be taut, while supple, able to satisfy her in all the required ways. This here, would more than do to reach such a place. She motioned for him to come to her, to which he smiled and closed the distance between them. He smelled so good. As he stood in front of her, she looked up, as he leaned forward, kissing her lips. He was wanton, his eagerness apparent, his desire eventually levelling to a place where they kissed in unison. She held him against her, her body feeling his strong hands. He lifted her from the ground, her legs wrapping around him, holding him closer. She could hear his heart pounding against his chest, as she licked a small section of his neck.

She’d kissed many a man, wanted a few, tasted a couple but this at this second, was glorious. She closed her eyes as his lips reached her neck. She loved the way they felt, within the moment and seconds. She held his back, the strength calling her to let go of her pretence. Not yet. A few more seconds. She enjoyed this, despite the thirst calling her to have him straight away. There were manners to consider, the correct way of doing things.

She wanted to ensure that he was suitably enticed, ready for what she would take from him. He moaned a little, as she moved her hips against him. She knew what they wanted, needed when they were brought to their knees. She’d laugh, if the moment allowed her to do so, but she also had desires that needed to be sedated. Feeling him rise that little bit further, knowing that he was suitably prepared, she bit his shoulder. He took the pain, his face confused, but quickly changing to a smile as he saw his own blood against her teeth.

“Is this what you want?” he asked, realising that she obviously liked to inflict a small amount of pain.

“I want all of you, every single last scrap!”

His soft eyes looked at her and, she knew, she had him. She smiled, as he looked into her eyes. He watched as her cuspids increased in size, not quite sure what to do until, a second later, she bit his face. The blood splattered against her as he screamed, his arms letting go. Her legs wrapped around him even tighter, with a vice like grip. She bit his neck, her hands digging into his back. He tried to rip her from him, but it was no use. The pain embraced his mind, as he stumbled, falling to the ground.

She continued to bite him, her hands digging into the exposed flesh, covering her with his blood. She enjoyed all of this, the dance, the silly smiles and flirting. She loved the weekend, the dancing, drinking and this. She loved this. After a night of fun, this was what a girl needed. She loved take-out as, after all, a girl had to eat.

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