Monday, 6 May 2019


He smiled, as his head slightly leaned to his right side, flirting in a manner that he was more than accustomed to. He loved to flirt, but strictly with a person that deserved that attention. He’d often state that he, literally, wanted to love everyone, within defined criteria, knowing that the real affection would only ever be for a select few.

Instinctively her head also moved ever so slightly to her right side, adjusting her hair as she did so. His eyes tried to deny his thoughts but, saying that, he really adored a woman’s hair. It called to him, on some specific level that he’d barely thought about. Some things were best left alone or, alternatively, just enjoyed for what they are. Beauty, to someone such as himself, could be found in all places and all things. She noticed his eyes daring to break their connection with hers, enjoying his gaze upon her.

He sipped the usual drink of choice, knowing that as he moved his attention away from her, she’d look at him. Really look at him. He wasn't the be all, the end all, of anything in particular, but he knew that he could be interesting. A quandary of sorts, that person that you’d like to spend more time with. He knew that he had an aura, a fun, enticing type of personality, but that was what he was told. Within his own mind he felt differently. There was calm, a sea of endless attention for the right person, held back by the doubts and years of struggle. He was and always would be, just another person that either stayed or vanished without trace.

Returning the drink, to the coaster, he smiled as he leaned forward, placing his elbows onto the table. She also leaned forward, removing the distance between them, with just enough in between to make things interesting. “Do you think that the world is black and white?” he asked with that assured smile of his. No matter the answer she gave, he knew that he would always respect that answer even if his own views were different. Neither of them correct, neither wrong, with the truth always somewhere in between.

“I've never really thought about it before. Maybe some things are grey, and some things are black and white. What about you?”

He looked into her sparkling eyes, the eyes that had been calling him since the moment she walked into the room. He really did like her, her wit, her laugh, as well as the damn sexy outfit that she was wearing. Conservative, styled, yet the hint of her skin appearing in all the right places. He, realistically, simply wished to lean forward and kiss her. He would, he’d dare himself, but that wouldn't do at this point in the conversation.

“I believe that, “ he stopped, for a second as he took another sip of his drink, quickly returning to the subject at hand, “things are transparent. Or, at least, they should be. The white and black meeting in the middle to merge into something clear, honest, cutting out all of the rubbish in life.”

She smiled, her eyebrows lifting slightly, as she gulped down a little bit of wine. “Amen to that. Honesty would be good!” He smiled and nodded, thankfully knowing that they were both on the same page,

“Just think of the things we miss whilst sat up above on a high throne, or down in the gutter lying through our teeth!”

“What do you want?” she asked, her eyes betraying her honesty to the world. He knew what she was asking, knew how the play ended, or started, which meant that it was time to be transparent. He lent forward that little bit extra, his lips just in front of hers. He didn't want to simply kiss her, as that would be an invasion of her privacy, but he did wish to push things as that was his way. Cheeky, naughty, that spice required within every single dish, cold or served ever so hot.

He could feel her breath against his skin, within that second that seemed to last an age of moments. She didn't move away, she didn't hesitate to take her eyes from his, which meant that he now only had one option. He kissed her, gently, with hardly any pressure, ensuring that she knew she’d been kissed in the appropriate way. He knew that her heart would have spiked, adrenaline racing, skin slightly flush at the thought of his action.

“That is what I want. Honesty, transparency, cutting out all of the angst, suffering, the past events and all else, to get here, right now, to make each day the only day that counts. Would that be okay?”

She nodded, her red lips smiling, knowing that this, this right here, would be different.

“Transparency!” she replied, as she nodded, knowing that finally, someone would actually tell the truth.

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