Saturday, 18 June 2022

Healing (F2R)

“Welcome, one and all. Welcome to the start of your journey!”

Master Ken-zee, placing one foot directly in front of the other, ever so slowly walked across the small stage. Little by little, every single thought, expression, permitted and embraced with little to no thought, his very breath, his breathing, guiding him forward to his unknown destination. Although he only had a small stage to walk across, the implication of knowing the journey, yet discovering and taking the journey, where two entirely different notions.

To his side, sat twenty new people. Adventurers, life escapees, the forgotten or, especially important, the few that realised the futility of the normal life they lived. Each of them, special, all of them, gifted, yet missing something within themselves that could not be found from external, habitual habits.

Master K, obviously feeling their energy as he moved, kept his energy to himself, his aura close, encapsulating his thoughts as close to his heart, soul and mind as he could. He wouldn’t wish to scare anyone away, especially as they’d travelled far and wide to be here. Some things, once supposedly enlightened, could wait.

He reached the end of the stage, taking a total of twelve tightly formed footsteps, which barely used any energy at all. The journey, complete, with each second enjoyed. He turned to face them, widening his gaze, taking in the many faces, forms and expressions. There were unbelievers, there were vagabonds, truth tellers, fiction finders and lost hearts amongst the group. He smiled, nodded, then embraced their hearts with words.

“What do you believe?” he asked, with a curious tone to his voice.

A man, sat at the front, wearing a business suit and sunglasses, despite the shade, shrugged his shoulders. A small voice, from behind, decided to reply, “I believe that anything I know could be false as anything we understand could be wrong!”

“Good, good! The ego within wants us to believe everything we know. We couldn’t possibly be wrong!” exclaimed Master K, appreciating an understanding voice. Each of them, more than likely, felt the same, but decades of learned behaviour, subliminal messaging and blind unfaltering dedication to governments, companies and beliefs, often shrouded the truth in darkness.

“What I believe, which could also be false,” continued Master K, “Is that what we believe ‘is’ the truth. It is the truth of another person, who heard the truth from another person, who was taught that truth from another person. A family member, a teacher, a lover or even a supposed wise man wearing a bed sheet!”

The people sat in front of Master K laughed, especially seeing as he was wearing an outfit which suspiciously looked like a bedsheet. Master K, stepping down from the small stage, picked up a plastic bag from a chair just to the side. He unfolded the bag, jolted it into the air in order to open the inside, then approached the first person to the right of him.

“I would like you to be free, while you’re here. No electronic devices. No memorabilia of your current life. No jewels, no trinkets, no keepsakes, absolutely nothing that reminds each of you of whom or what you were before you arrived here!”

The participants looked at each other, slightly confused, but understanding seeing as this was the type of function that they’d envisioned when signing the documents. One by one, they placed their precious items into the bag until they’d all finished.

“Now,” continued Master K, “let us remember that while you are here, your body will heal. There’s no wireless. No television, no radio, no 4000g, no internet, not even a coffee machine for when you wake in the morning. We have oats. We have milk. We have fresh produce and we are all fully natural!”

“Can I go home?” asked the businessman, with a slight laugh and smirk across his face.

“Yes, you can, if you feel like navigating ten miles of jungle, on your own. But other than that, you’re free to stay.” At the reply, the man shut his mouth, folding his arms to remain quiet.

“You see, you were all chosen, after being tested, for something quite rare.”

The guests looked at each other, ever so slightly confused.

“You would all be dead within a year, if it were not for this place.”

The grumbling and vocal murmurs escaped from each of them, the shock and disbelief obvious upon their faces.

“Yes, you might be in a quandary right now, but your lives are busy, full, dull, boring, filled with quick fixes, easy solutions and late nights. Each of your bodies had reached the pinnacle of healing and then, the only way would be down from there.”

They continued to look confused, stunned, but silent, hanging on to Master K’s words.

“You are all magnetic, you all hold so much energy within you, but instead of fixing yourselves, you have chosen to live your lives without abundance, the abundance of the soul, of peace, the quiet of a heart not conflicted and suffering. The never-ending days. The lonely nights. The obedience to turn yourselves into slaves of repetitive suffering. Your bodies have a breaking point. Let me ask you a question…”

Each of the guests nodded, staying silent, each knowing that the words spoken before them to be true.

“How did you feel once you arrived here? Did you appreciate the clean air, the pure water, the fact that the very molecules of your body felt a certain peace, that you’ve not felt since being a young child?”

Each of them, ever so slightly perplexed, nodded slowly. Almost transfixed, more or less fully engaged, with the truth in front of them.

“Why?” asked a small man sat in the middle of the group.

“Why…” replied Master K, “is a good question. We all need peace. Be it a silent room. A quiet thought. The hand of another. The kiss of a loved one. The embrace of a friend. The solitude of reflection of the frequency of nothing at all. If we fill our lives expecting everything to be perfectly fine, then when do we stop? If we ask, ‘is this all there is to life’, yet take no action to realise that life is what we make of it, then yes, this will be all there is to life!”

Master K knew that this was the very tip of the iceberg. The small flare from the sun. The momentary strand of cotton that led to the most beautifully crafted garment one could find. The warmth, the embedded emotional stability, the freedom of a very soul.

“Each of you, during the next four weeks, will abandon the ideals that you have vehemently, knowingly, held onto for most of your lives After those weeks, you can stay for a further four weeks or, even longer. The choice is yours.”

Master K, turned, then walked back to the stage. He stepped up and faced them.

“How do you feel?” he asked.

Various replies returned to his ears, with most of them blindly accepting what he’d just informed them. There would be, as always, sceptics amongst them, but nothing over the four weeks would be rocket science. Instead, he would prefer to demonstrate.

Master K concentrated, knowing that the energy within the room was limited. Without radio waves, wireless, mobile devices, Bluetooth or anything electrical, the only energy to be felt would be soul energy, the aura or, even, the electrical impulses from his mind or the very earth underneath his feet.

All at once, he expanded his energy to cover all of the participants. “How do you feel now?”

Each of them opened their mouths, the expressions a near work of art, as each of them felt the warmth of the person speaking to them. He felt no fear, no nerves, only love and attention.

“There is an infinite vastness within each of us. Have you ever noticed that when a person enters the room, angry, or upset, the negative energy travels far and wide and yet, when you try to explain this to people, they gesticulate and dismiss the very notion that we are filled with energy and can influence each other?”

Most of them nodded in agreement.

“Well then, let us begin. Let us begin to embrace the one hundred and fourteen chakras. Let us find our soul, while allowing our bodies the wealth of the spirit. Let us begin with this thing called healing!”

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