Friday, 10 June 2022


There are over seven billion living, breathing, tenured souls upon this breathing planet. They feel, they live, they all bleed and most certainly, they should all feel. In the span of our lives we might meet a very miniscule amount of those souls. Most will bring a smile, laughter, mistrust or any of the many emotions that’s involved with another human being. We’re alive, but we’re never really living unless we share.

Amongst the few souls that eventfully move within our lives, we search for someone that can truly understand us. We somehow wish for an instinctual connection that may never, ever, be fully realised. We’re jumbled, even when adventurously cable of being the calm with which we seek. It’s a marvel, a veritable mystery, to even begin to believe that one singular individual can truly, honestly, ever fully understand another individual’s life. We’re complex, yet very, very simple. We’re defined with ease, yet behind the mask we can often be the most miss-guided, troubled individuals walking upon the earth.

In all my years of being the person that I’ve become, I’ve tried to understand people, despite being miss-understood upon many an occasion. For a soul to truly be free, to truly find itself, we need freedom within the arms of someone that will never, ever, chastise us for the simple fact that we’re different. Despite the clothes, the cars, the increased eyebrows or the barbarity we can display to fit within society, there’s no escaping that we’re all singular, unique people. We try so hard to hide the fact, but it’s obvious. From the toes upon your feet, to the nose upon your face, we’re the beauty of the people that created us. Life is beauty. It’s a shame that we eventually become crushed by the weight of such a life.

We’re souls that have not yet truly understood that life is fleeting. It is but a second’s breath from failing. We live, we age, we wish we had more time and then, as if a whisper escaped our final understanding, we leave and may never, ever return. The souls that have seen another soul leave this world, as sad as the moment might be, are closer to understanding the frailty of a soul.

Personally, I still seek a soul to sit beside my own. It’s a sad adventure, filled with solitude and loneliness, but maybe that’s the real journey of life. A soul, in order to truly love another, must realise that the weight of the world must be removed before the joy of love can be realistically felt. We torture each other, upon occasions. We speak such slanderous words that are cruel, pathetic and miserable. Not one of us can ever, ever, escape what we are. Each vapid word upon another soul’s ears adds weight.

As mentioned above, there might be seven billion human souls upon this world, but we only realistically require one. You know where I’m heading with this, I hope. I see, each and every single day, people suffering, people hurting within, wishing and hoping that the soul next to them would leave or, even, for a soul to understand theirs. The entire process is mistaken, wrong, miss-aligned and fraught with angst. There is one true soul that requires guidance, love and understanding. It needs to be cared for by the only person that can ever really understand that soul.

You. You and you alone are the only person with the qualifications to understand yourself. You can seek guidance, you could seek solitude or, even, seek answers. Unless your soul is balanced, then there’s no need to involve another. To seek balance from another person is akin to placing your entire well being in the hands of a perfect stranger. If you do not know yourself, then a stranger may never, ever, truly know you. Even after ten or more years, the understanding may still never be known.

To conclude, your soul is yours to own. You could actually call your soul your mind, as that’s where it’s probably stored. Know yourself, heal yourself, take pride in knowing that you’ve emotionally stood upon your own two feet, without the weight of your life being placed upon the shoulders of another. It’s okay to seek solace, but as mere mortals we often take far more than we should. After all, if you wish to be the best version of yourself, find the true soul that matters and take care of it… your soul. It’s the only soul that will truly, always, actually attempt to keep you safe.

Written 09.08.2021. Catching up (Finally)

It's funny... as this is far more relevant, today (to me), than when it was written. Soul fixing is a GO!

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