Tuesday, 16 October 2018


Slowly, decisively, his hands moved around to her slightly arched back, his lips one centimetre in front of hers. It was now, would never be never, that things finally started to happen. A week had moved past his eyes, his life moving at the speed of sound, but right now time simply slowed to a perfectly beautiful crawl.

He had desires, needs, wants within the world, which could only, would only, ever be met by a certain type of woman. He desired confidence, strength, that something we all looked for and cherished if found. He wanted to languish a little, to feel his worth suffering in front of such a woman, which is what led him here.

They say things happen when you least expect them to, from nowhere arrives a spectacle, which simple removes one’s heart and replaces it with blind lust and mild fever. It’s okay, it’s accepted, as long as the heart eventually catches up to the scene of depraved destruction. To have, to hold, to delve, to grasp, to admonish, to taste again is all that’s needed within this universe.

We all know it, he knew it, she damn well would know it, that the world did not spin on wealth, cars, houses, or the clothes that we wear. It, instead, spins on the desires of soft skin, of tender lips, of the hips that pleased and lips that whispered certain things in the middle of the day. It’s the wanton feelings, the thoughts of taking, of having, of enveloping happiness within. He wanted, he needed, he would have and that, of course, was that.

His mind flickered through his thoughts, as her hot breath, her shaking body, her glistening eyes, simply played the tune of his song. He lifted his head, looking into her stunning eyes, as his smile appeared, and hands gently unravelled the soft lingerie bow behind her. He didn't wish to rush. Not for a second. There was time. There was always time, for this, to listen, to understand, to appreciate her thoughts expressed by the way they’d move. Together.

She had an incredibly mischievous smile which, of course, was one of the many aspects that attracted him. He didn't want an easy life, a strife less life, as he wanted fire. That fireball, that entered the room with so much energy, that sassy woman, the one that took no crap from anyone, or anything. He wanted the heat, didn't care if he managed to get burnt, as the scars would live within him forever. Life was for living, for taking what you could, when you could, with that one person that kept the fire burning all the way through the night.

He glanced down, as the frail lingerie fell to the floor, his hands returning to gently caress her hips. She was absolutely perfect, for him, no-one else. He could feel the adrenaline rush through his body, as he tried to control himself, obviously failing as she stared into his heavily dilated eyes. Probably, at this point in time, glistening like crazy as his body failed his attempts to remain calm.

So close, still so far, no words required as he knew that he could often say something stupid at such a tender time. The early moments, the flattering comments, the honest intentions and more simply wanting him to be with her. Not just for this moment, for the other moments, the many moments and future. He wanted to wake, in the middle of the night, months from now, filled with desire and feelings for her. He wanted to kiss her shoulder, he wanted to please her at every single moment and, above all, kiss her whether she needed to be kissed or not.

He gave in, he finally threw away his restraint, cast aside any small doubt of being able to resist, thus stay away from her. He didn't even remember why he wanted to waste time on such endeavours.  Gently pressing his lips to hers he felt her soft skin. So soft. So unbelievably soft beyond words. His body instantly responded as they moved with ease. He could kiss this damn woman forever, if this moment was any indication for the future. His hands moved, one holding her lower back and the other rising to press her against him. Her chest, meeting his, sending even more desire into his blood. If he were any other man, he might be overwhelmed by this moment, the crashing animal desire pushing to have, to take, but he wasn't that man. He knew what would happen, he knew that there was time to take, never to hasten, as there would be other moments for such frivolous quick natured physical enactments.

Instead, trying to involve his head, his heart, his body, and possibly soul into such things, he allowed a small amount of lust to rest within him. The wall, behind them, was met as he lifted her. Her legs wrapping around his waist, tightly. His arms let go as he grasped her hands, sending them outwards, both pressed against each other, his hips arched forward to keep her exactly where she was. He tasted her again, her lips breaking down any defences he knew that he’d kept in place. Each longing kiss forcing him into a harder situation, a place that he surely wished to reside.

Finally, longingly, he gave in as he let go of her hands, placing one arm behind her back to steady her, taking her over to the bed. The beautiful sheets met their bodies as he placed her down. Kissing, feeling, his hands where they needed to be, he heard and watched as her lips opened, the slight moaning escaping from her body. He wanted this, needed this, had waited a lifetime to have his desires met. He wasn't that complicated, as his body and mind were still that of a simple man, a physically strong man, a man filled with desire for many, many things.

He lifted her left leg, as his lips kissed, tongue playing, as their eyes met. He smiled, as her face simply stated that it was time for him to have her. Slowly, the tip of his tongue moving from the top of her leg, all the way down, he met her desire and… .

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