Monday, 18 February 2019


I can see you, splashing, legs frantically moving, arms flapping around, trying to steady yourself whilst resting above the water of life. You've done well, you've survived, you've tolerated the abuse and behaviour of the world around you, yet, right now, I can see that you’re struggling. 

We can all learn to swim, to gently move with the currents of life, grabbing the vital air when needed. It’s natural to swim, almost the same as walking, with the required effort and understanding a few moments away. Some never swim, never learn, but that’s part of life and that’s what friends and companions are for. We’re not all meant to hold the weight of the world upon our shoulders, especially when in troubled waters. 

Another few seconds move, along with the waves. You’re aware that you’re feeling this way, in trouble. I need to extend my arm, to help, but nothing can happen until you, yourself, also do the same. Sometimes we’re full of pride, pig headed, stubborn, to the point that we’d rather deny the situation than grasp the life jackets all around us. We’re human. This is what we do. 

Me, this person, the one trying to help, has been here before. When in deep water I instantly swim towards the shore. This is built into my senses, my safety response, with 'fight' being the default above 'flight'. There's often no room to fly when you hit the surface of deep water. It pulls you under, tries to grasp every part of your mind, ensuring it takes another victim. Don't let the water infect your lungs. Breath, fight, swim, reach and never, ever, give up.

Slowly, carefully, you reserve your energy as the frantic movements do you no good. You know that the undercurrents can take you away, end you, but what’s far worse involves the sharks in this world. We can bleed, we can suffer, as long as the sharks stay away. There’s manipulation in the world, there’s dark waters just in front of your face, which are best left alone.  For a second, that moment, we know that the anxiety bites at you, gnaws at your soul, wishes to drag you further into the murky depths of your thoughts.  Just like that shark, smelling your thoughts, the blood escaping into the world for all to see. I know how this feels, I've lived the anxiety, for the briefest of times, you versus you and there's little escape. If I can swim to shore, so can you... so will you! We're all the same, all special, which means that whatever accomplishments are within reach for me, will be there for you.

More seconds move, vanish into the waves, as your understanding places you into the realisation that you’re in trouble. There’s dry land, just in front of you, a moment away, but that requires admission of your own doubts, fears, qualms and more. You can do this. I've seen you, all of us, battle far harder challenges. Relax, resolve, define, become something more than the moments that torture your mind and nibble at your toes. 

You can do this. You have this. You’re all over this. It’s you versus you and you only have yourself to fight. Remove the negativity where possible, stop the words moving from your mouth unless they’re positive, deny the thoughts that threaten to push you into oblivion and Just... fight. Damn well fight. There’s virtually no limit to what the human mind can accomplish. Do what’s right for you. 

I know that you could sink, let go, drift away and submerge yourself in the pain and loss of life, but that’s not you. That’s not the person or people that we should be. Just a little further, hold on, think, what do you need to do, how can you get there? Don’t use all of your energy, be clever, don’t let the waves consume you and your effort to survive. This is now, right now. Hold on, reach for me, reach for us, find sanctuary and, above all, never, ever, let go of my hand.

You are your own safety device. Enable your arms the fortune of embracing your heart and soul. Roll to look into the stars above, conserve, relax, take an easier path towards your shore. Imagine soaring above the clouds escaping this moment. Those moments. Believe, truly believe, that someone, somewhere, actually does care and that person, above all, is you. You should care, you must care, as you're the strongest person you know if you'd only believe. Believe that your lungs can strain, your arms ache, your legs buckle, but the will within will never, ever, give way.

Don't drown. Don't drown your life with the thought that you'll never make it through this. You will, I know you will and then, once you've survived, we can all drown ourselves in victory.

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