Wednesday, 6 February 2019


I can hear you, feel you, even understand the thoughts that you’re sending into the world from so far, far away. I can even, at times, when I'm about to fall asleep, feel those kisses of yours that I've longed to feel for the longest of times.

We’re apart, for now, for these moments, until our longing hearts bring us together again. I know that you’re all around me, your emotion, your heart, trying to reach me. It’s okay, it’s all been written a thousand times, but I know that your rhythm is out there for all to see.

I can hear you, feel you, only wishing to embrace you and everything you meant to me. That heart, the tapping of a drum, the sound that warmed my nights, held me so close that I wouldn't, couldn't, shouldn't ever have wished to escape. That rhythm. Your rhythm. The way you were, the way you are, one day to be explored again.

I used to watch you, for hours, alone, the two of us, with you just dancing the way that you did. You felt the world, whispered the words into the air, as your body expressed itself in such a beautiful manner. You flowed, you felt, you embraced yourself with the music and then, just then, you’d leave that moment to embrace me with your lips. We’d smile, we’d connect, then you’d return to the dance. 

You've changed, over the years, becoming more than you once were. The lips that kissed, the heart that held, the hands that bind. I've never, ever, forgotten you. I never will. We were young, far too young, all those years previous. We've grown, developed, explored and have lived the first part of our lives in such fire that I'm amazed that we've made it this far. Apart. Separated. Abandoned. Left to discover other hearts within this frail, delicate world.

There are motions, within emotions, with their own distinctive sounds. We always talk about the heart, like it's the most precious object within our solitary frozen worlds, but I believe that every single emotion is precious. Within reason, within that rhyme, as long as the moments are of a pious nature. Pure. Unspoken, maybe never ever woken, placed into the world with the tears of feelings.

For many years, over cold days and frigid nights, I've asked the universe for you, to be near you again.  I know, I know, no person should change the rhythm once it’s started. It’s the passion of the world, the energy of things, all around each and every single one of us. Dare I ask for more, placing my hands upon the table of life, laying my cards face forward, daring to bare all for everyone to see.

I dare, I ask, I need and want. My song is silent without you. I hear the words, I have the melody within my heart, ready to sing and to roar as loud as I can muster. Please, to the world, to the very lips I possess, I only wish to feel that rhythm again. I can still hear you, softly, a whisper, in the corner of my soul and heart.

Maybe it’s the madness talking, maybe the words wrapped around my body have faded into the distance, with time. Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, I still wish for your rhythm to wash over me. I can feel you, still see your rainbow in the sky, lighting my life after the rain pours down. No matter how bleak the world seems, no matter the downpour, I know that you’re still out there, smiling. 

I can sense you, notice you, even appreciate the thoughts that you’re sending towards my life. You were so far, far away. I can now, once again, feel your kisses that I've longed to feel for the longest of times. You’re here, once again, grown, explored, a new you with a new me. You returned, a chance meeting, a moment of rhythm, filled with your rhyme, our words twisting together to form something new, a melody, a moment, filled with smiles and more. There’s no longer silence, the drums have started to beat again, firing our hearts into a new place, a beautiful place, created by our rhythm.

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