Sunday, 3 February 2019


Tomorrow morning, the sun will shine, the birds will sing their song, the hedgehog will run for cover and the dogs will bark just like any other day. It’s new, it’s untold, the awakening of what you can do on that very singular day. Forget about the someday, the Sunday, as that’s not quite here yet. 
What if you decided to do something brand new, start that book you've always meant to start? Watch the movies that you've had on a list for the longest or maybe, just maybe, take the kids to a surprise location. Maybe take them to the quietest place you know. Introduce them to the places you used to know all those years previous. 

What if you simply sat there, eyes closed, dreaming to imagine a place that you’ve always wanted to visit? A chance, a moment, to bring yourself to smile and enjoy. No need to be sad, no chance to discover how you’d ever get there, as it’s the imaginations need to be used. Explore, fantasize, fly through the wants and needs of your mind. 

What if you made that phone call that you've been meaning to make for the longest time?  To hear the words of another that you've missed, dissed, bridging the final gap to resolve those nagging thoughts that have been eating at you. It’s your day, if you choose to make it that way, even if you have work or something that needs to be done. 

What if you knew that you only had thirty minutes to spare within your hectic, busy, crazy day? What would you use that time for? Would you reflect on where you’re heading, what you need, or would you simply decided to clear your mind and relax? 

What if you had something to do, that one thing, that you simply didn't want to action? Maybe start the project, decide, brace yourself to dive straight into that thing. Sparks might fly, a room might get destroyed, but once you start you might find that you won’t be able to stop until the task is over with. 

What if, tomorrow, you knew that you only had three more ‘what ifs’ left in your entire world? Three more chances to transform, divert, create or caress whatever you needed within this world. Those last few chances right in front of you, whatever you can imagine within the reasoning part of your mind. I’d make a decision and stick with it. No matter the weather, location of choice, decide and see if the ‘what’ matches the ‘if’. 

What if, for that one second when your eyes open tomorrow morning, you apologised to the world for not being all that you can be? It might sedate your heart into a serene wish for the rest of the day. It all starts from the second you open your eyes. The first vocal heartbeat screaming to the world that you’re there, alive, present, representing yourself throughout the entire day. It’s a gift, a reason for life to keep you around. It’s magical. 

After all, when you've finished reading this, I have a list of ‘What ifs’ ready to go. It’s the start of something beautiful each and every single moment of the day. I don’t have time to rest, I don’t wish to ignore the day that’s been given to me, or you, or any of us.  

What if, you removed the word ‘what’ from the above statements? You’ll be left with the word ‘if.’ You have two choices, each and every day, so let’s stick with the ‘if’ and go from there. See you out there. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll state the word ‘if’ and bump into you. 

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