Friday, 8 February 2019


All at once, within a moment, we felt it and everything changed. Over seven billion people, all desire, hatred, even love, all emotion removed from each and every single one of us. Overnight we became something new, something else, the same but never the same again.

Without emotion, with the driving force between each person destroyed, we faltered, we failed, we simply stopped within the world. No more sonnets, no more beautifully spoken words, no failed expressions or even tears when a life failed to love another. We stopped. Everything stopped.

At first, we all stood still, silent, looking within, trying to understand the change made deep inside. We simply couldn’t understand. We couldn’t comprehend what had happened and yet, beside that, wouldn’t even be able to feel anything due to what had taken place.

We used to live within our emotions. Dive into them, enjoy them, let them destroy us, wreak havoc upon others, while all proclaiming to posses no issues to be spoken of. Or, in another way, our issues would become the knowledge of all the people around us. Anarchy, destruction, the brutality of the unfeeling heart that simply did not wish to be attached. We would run from such moments, embrace them, try to escape them, yet drip pure tears when our selfish bonds broke.

The day to day continued, with silence around each of us. The continued world adapting, overcoming, moving forward with the bleak understanding of an emotionless existence. We would bleed, we would beg, if the desire still existed within any of us. The streets vacant, empty, void of movement after a certain tick of the clock. The essence, the very spirit of the world, stopped all at once.

Sitting there, alone, within a room filled with the empty thoughts and zero feelings, many of us looked through the window into the world outside. We tried to rouse something from within, something quickly forgotten and, mostly not missed at all. Emotion. Feeling. Any sound from within our hearts. Each soul, abandoned, alone, lonely from no longer hearing the tender words spoken by a mind in love, in pain, embraced or held.

We were, each of us, solitary beings within a planet of many. We were, finally, alone. The greatest fear of every single person within this world. Alone and forgotten. We would beg, truly bend our will if we could, to hold our hands to the sky asking for a reprieve. It was too late. The destruction bestowed upon each of us, by others, by ourselves, the crimes finally answered, and the sentence committed. We were, forever, thrown into the den of inequity. Each word spoken in hatred, in angst, in the selfish nature of a child hidden within an adult made from learning, answered for.

The people of science, working throughout the day, as well as night, could find no solution, no sanctuary, for such things. We were, from that day forward, an emotionless race of beings with no purpose or fallacy. We were exactly, from then until the end, the sum of our thoughts. Nothing more. The holding of a hand, the kisses upon our lips, meaning nothing to not a soul.

Abandoned by the universe, forgotten by the stars, the rainbow no longer bringing a feeling of any nature, we were set adrift. My own heart, my own emotions, taking a lifetime to endure, taken from me within an instant. Sitting here, sitting there, the view no longer holding any worth or benefit to my life, I decided to search within the darkest corners of the world for answers. Emotion would not be found with science, or math, or within the face of the most beautiful lips. Emotion would always escape us, overwhelm each of us, if allowed to remain selfish.

For a second, for that single solitary moment, I realised the secret to the world and understood the complexity of moments. Each kiss, precious. Each embrace, magical. Each heart, a blessing. I closed my eyes, feeling my heart beat and for a second… I felt my heart skip a beat. I felt something. I felt alive, as I understood, I finally realised, that a life without care and attention meant nothing. Nothing at all. After all, even though we’ve had the most precious moments stolen from us, life would be nothing, nothing at all, without emotion.

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