Monday, 18 July 2022


I know that you’re there, somewhere, somewhere close but still so very, very far away. I’ve driven myself into that circle of issues, saying your name a hundred times, but that’s okay as this is life. It’s the life of mine. It’s the life that we wish to share, with each other, with another, with every single person we meet.

I feel you, your lips still saying the words that mean so much to a person such as myself. I’m not naïve, but maybe just a little, when it comes to you. I… love you. I cannot help or refrain from doing so. There are many moments within this world that one would and should never forget. Within a second, you can meet someone that’s so special, that it takes your very breath away to make something new.

I hear you, even when you’re saying nothing at all. Those whispers of yours, that contain doubt, emotions and far, far more than I can understand, are heard. I know that none of us are perfect, but I honestly don’t look to a person to see their flaws, as I’d prefer to see the beauty within every single soul. There will always be lines upon our skin, but that’s life and each line speaks to what we’ve accomplished. They speak of what we’ve been through. It’s easy to love beauty, but it’s easier for me to love someone that’s genuine, pure and not afraid to show the real person underneath. Show me your emotional scars and I’ll kiss each and every single one of them. If no words are expressed, then expressionless action will be returned.

You can call on me, whenever you feel the need. I’ll admit it, I’ll speak the truth, as I won’t always be there for you. That’s impossible. While I can be, I will be. If my hand can reach yours, it will. If I can hear you, I’ll protect you and support you in whatever endeavour you feel necessary. I’m hardly a cannon ball, but we can see what damage I can inflict upon the world for your wanted words. Just for you. With you.

I’m mumbling, spouting words upon the page as I’m trying to get to a point that I’ll  more than likely never find. Sometimes, I use far too many words as I write. You can hardly blame a musician for playing the chords of life, such as bemoaning a wordsmith for letters upon a page. Sometimes, I don’t use enough. It is true. It’s obvious. My heart is open, as much as I can allow, as there’s always that chance of becoming completely closed.

What I’m trying to say, is that whatever happens, you don’t need to say anything. You contain a depth to which many people hide. You’re so very, very caring that I often wonder if I could ever reach the heights to which you love. I can feel your pain, the worry for others, but that’s okay because your eyes, your beautiful eyes, tell me every single thing that need not be said.

(Originally written 03.11.2020 and then a little added/modified 20.06.2022)

I’m not 100% sure where I was going with this one…

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